Tuesday, March 22, 2016


They weren't all squashed, but it isn't anywhere near as perky out there now as it was two days ago. Even the color display is muted by perfectly fine flowers hugging the ground. Bent flower stems are bad.

By the end of the week a fresh new crop of daffodils should be open. There is a possibility of a good color display and some perky mixed in with the bent.

The small and medium cup daffodils survived the best.

I wasn't worried about the minor bulbs at all. They are too short to get bent. They get buried and protected under a nice insulating blanket of snow.

The Trout Lily was unharmed. It should be adapted to this to a large degree since it wakes up much earlier than the rest of the native spring ephemerals. I haven't even seen the Ramps yet.

There are a few tulips in the wild cultivated garden. This patch is returning to bloom for a third year in a row. For a tulip that is a remarkable feat.

Yes we still have daffodils.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

No more whining about the snow. Your garden looks great!

Lola said...

Love them. Mine are just now starting to bloom.