Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Ring

It will be interesting to see what the ring of crocus around the fire pit does over the years. Will it make a thicker more connected circle or wander off in disarray?

Yesterday's disarray vanished. Wild Kitty and Miss Spooky were gone when I woke up. Evidence at her owl roost twenty five feet up a dead hemlock tree showed either a poor dismount or some sort of tussle. I didn't see any fur or bits so I'm going for a poor dismount. The tree is thoroughly rotten. It's no surprise it would crumble when she decided to come down.

My fear is Wild Kitty took her home to his cave and I have no idea where that is. I can only a guess at a logical general location. I hope she remembers being fed and comes back to visit. I have about two months before the birth of a feral cat population. I won't be having that.

It was seventy degrees up here today. It sure didn't feel like the first week of March. The beasts were tossed when I left this morning to enjoy the day outside since the wild ones were not about. All was calm when I returned. I like calm.

The crocus ring is in full bloom. I went for a long stroll this afternoon and found plenty more crocus still coming up. There will be more.

Sunshine and warm feels nice. I just don't want it to get out of hand. Sunshine and fifty is better. April is known for being cruel up here. There are plenty of things that best stay sleeping for a few more weeks.

If no one has ever told you, I will. The circle of life is messy. The best thing to do is look for some pretty along the way.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Too bad the wild ones didn't show up for their ride to town. Love all the crocus.

Christopher C. NC said...

I was bummed Miss Spooky was gone when I got up Lisa. I had fetched a cat carrier to take her to town in. I don't need no pregnant kitty up here. I was seeing a lot of single, most likely self sown crocus next door.