Friday, March 18, 2016

Don't Squash The Daffodils

Rain and snow is coming. Cool and cold is coming. That is not a problem. How it is delivered is the important part. Please be gentle.

Nothing is more disappointing than having thousands of daffodils in glorious bloom get bent, never to stand back up again.

Year two of the experiment to determine if 'Negrita' will be a multiplying, repeat blooming tulip is looking good. Bad scientist did not take notes. There are two fat healthy clumps I know to be 'Negrita' up and showing flower buds.

There are two more clumps of daffodils with some wimpy tulip foliage mixed in. I don't recall planting four patches of 'Negrita'. That could be smaller species tulip foliage which are not much better in these parts than regular tulips in the performance department. If something manages to bloom with the wimpy foliage I'll know better what is going on. Bad scientist!

The Trout Lilies are looking great. This relocation experiment was a success.

The low rays of a warm afternoon sun beam down the day before it arrives. Please don't squash the daffodils. The big show is just getting started.

Last year they got squashed. I was not pleased.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Some of the same weather coming in here. Rain this morning and much colder than it has been. I have been quite spoiled to the warmer weather. I am getting a lot accomplished in the garden. I don't want all of those happy faces, daffs etc, to get squashed by cold and snow.

Carol McKenzie said...

We're just cold and gloomy here in Eastern Kentucky. It was supposed to rain, but even that's been deleted from the forecast.

What does your creeping phlox look like at this time of the year? I think mine looks normal, meaning it's got some winter damaged edges, but the center is green. My mom thinks it's not going to survive. But mine never seems to grow like yours does. I want to cover the sunny side of the south-west facing utility cut with phlox, in hopes some day it looks like your driveway bank.

Lola said...

Oh my, I hope nothing gets squashed. I love how they all look.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it is taking its sweet time getting here. Quite nice today and by Tuesday it is showing cooler warm. I hope it is a no show. The daffodils are at peak perfection two weeks earlier than the average.

Carol most creeping phlox looks half dead by the end of winter. Some colors are pretty well completely defoliated. They all leaf right out bright green and bloom like crazy. The key is absolute full sun and a very well drained to dry soil.

Lola so far so good. I'm hoping it misses us. So far there have been two short sprinkles.