Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In The Garden

Tragically, I am beyond fully employed. During my six day work week I am lucky to get twenty minutes of garden time with my morning coffee and an hour and a half maybe in the evenings. Four full days of puttering per week might feel adequate.

I have been on a Poisoned Ivy elimination binge this week when I am not gawking and wandering. The Dwarf Crested Iris have started to bloom.

I ID'd this once. I might do it again. The part I remember is that it is a sterile form and won't make babies. It is quite reliable and blooms every year, but it never seems to increase in size or substance where I might be tempted to divide it.

Hosta you can divide no problem.

There is all kinds of activity out there in the baby Lush.

I have trilliums.

I'm still rather low on the luteum. Maybe it is really Trillium verde.

Did this one start red or turn red? They are all mixed up.

One yellow pot with lion heads will blend in with the Lush in no time. When stuff grows up here, it really grows fast.

The Rodgersia are waking. They are one of the last to get going.

In my next life.......

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I bet you do dislike not having time to watch plants evolve into the lush. Looking good.