Monday, May 15, 2017

Bloom Day In The Ridge Top Garden

Please join us. Over the river and through the woods to Bulbarella's ridge top garden we go for a Bloom Day stroll. You will be seeing a lot of Miss Lorelei. Take your time. No hurries.

There are feral peonies about.

I saw Caesar's Brother.

There is one really orange azalea.

Iris and Dames Rocket

A geranium.

In some ways, this is what you have come to see, the spectacle of the wild annual, Phacelia purshii. It covers half the garden in a carpet of blue and weaves itself into everything else that is blooming.

Tiny light blue flowers by the millions make a big statement.

The Lady is getting dressed for the show.

We have rhododendrons.

And freshly mowed paths to guide you on your journey.

Lorelei is most reliable. The bearded iris are having one of their better years.

Iris, Phacelia and a giant rhododendron.

It's big.

Lots and lots of Lorelei.

The bottom of the top of the Black Locust that fell completely over the fence into the next county. Thank you very much.

Did I mention Lorelei?

And Phacelia.

And giant rhododendron.

This is the most common color.

There is no need to wonder why so many garden visitors here leave with a sack of Lorelei.

Alliums above the scenic byway. It is getting time to head home.

There's Lorelei and the chimney.

Bulbarella says thank you for visiting the best garden in the whole world.

I of course beg to differ. I have the best garden in the whole world. See. There are some yellow iris blooming down there. At least this vision of Lush Green will give you a moment to rest before heading to May Dreams Gardens for more Bloom Day spectacle. May is an important month there.


Steve Horsfield said...

Some great woodland gardens. We have an area on trees but it is nothing compared to what you have.

Carol said...

Gorgeous. May is a great month in the garden. Please tell Bulbarella thank you for sharing her garden with us!

Lisa Greenbow said...

I so enjoy seeing Bulberella's garden too. Thanks for the tour. Happy GBBD.

Lea said...

Wonderful! Beautiful!

Lola said...

Fantastic. Thank you,

Paula Gatens said...

Wonderful tour! Thank you and thank Bulbarella, please.

Jan O said...

Thanks Bulbarella for a such a beautiful time!