Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Objets de, they accumulate.

Much like Mayapples unchecked.

I did not go out in search of big yellow pots. I rescued them from a bad situation.

Now they have a good home and big foliage which I think will show up better when the Mayapples disappear in July.

The disembodied feet of St. Francis were placed in their new home. I did not get around to painting his nails. It is still on the agenda. I was distracted by a number of small chores and a new art project.

It's a big garden and it can absorb at lot of Objets de. The main front garden alone between the house and the scenic byway is three quarters of an acre. Add in the Lush and things can disappear.

I was replacing a rotten half whiskey barrel planter that to my horror was half filled with three quarter inch gravel. The only way to move it was with a shovel, wheelbarrow and in pieces.

I found a mobeel when it fell apart.

This was a fast and easy art project. A little tie wire was all it took.

You might be shocked to hear I did not want to paint it a bright color, though Calder did come to mind, and went with the rusted patina it came with.

Just before dark, with one ladder against a tree, up went the new mobile. I like it.

The garden is not just a place to display my junk. I have botanical treasures too. The giant blood red trillium is about to bloom. It is the last of the bunch.

Meanwhile in the ridge top garden next door, the trees are falling. It has been windy.

This is the second one to come down in a week. A big Black Locust lost thirty feet of top. Our good fortune was that the entire thing fell over the fence and into the next county.

At least this one missed the arbor and was already dead so there was no big leafy top to deal with. I sure hope the chainsaw will start on my next day off.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I really like your new mobile.
That is one large locust. They are such heavy trees. I am glad it didn't come crashing down on someone or something.