Friday, May 5, 2017

Cold And Wet

A couple of upcoming morning low temperatures are pegged for the upper thirties, sidling up to the notion of frost. It is only the first week of May. Normally, that would be normal. It is abnormal to see a significant number of eighty degree days before hand.

The rhododendron on the mountain top have started to bloom already. That makes them about two weeks ahead of normal.

In the mean time it is wet, wet, wet. Wet is good. As one would expect, I have added a few new items to the garden and relocated some others. Wet means I don't have to think about water, here or anywhere else.

This Clintonia umbellulata was relocated from the deep forest about three years ago. It is doing quite well. The unknown fern came as a welcome hitch hiker.

This pot and its twin were painted red. Pot planting is grouped in the same time frame as roadside vegetable gardening. Wait until you are sure the cold is over. I think that might be a week from Sunday.

I took the weed whacker on a short hike through the forest when I last mowed. It was decided a new path and shorter route was needed to my trail that leads into the future magnolia forest. I'm glad I found all those baby magnolia trees. The mother tree fell down and died in a storm a few weeks ago. She had been leaning on another tree for years. Once she knew her babies were safe, it must have been time to let go.

The feet of St. Francis, just the feet, will find a home in the garden. I'm thinking tucked under some hosta will be just perfect. The question is, should I paint his nails?

The garden really is getting some meat on its bones after all these years. It's a good thing I have ample patience and a certain level of skill to go along with my lack of discretionary funds.

Poor little Button. He didn't last long out there. I give him the weather report all the time. He never listens and ends of sleeping through the better part of the day only to be sabotaged by rain in the night. He's not quite ready to give up his nocturnal habits. Cold and wet is the only thing that works as a cure.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Are you photo shopping the colors on your rocks etc. Interesting affect or effect. Which ever fect you prefer. It is cold and wet here too. Brrrrrrrrrr

Christopher C. NC said...

No photo shopping here Lisa. I do adjust the light and contrast to give more definition. The wet also makes a big difference on the color of the rocks.

C. C. said...

I'm not sure St. Francis would love painted toenails, but what do I know? Your gardens are looking stunning.