Monday, May 22, 2017

Wet Lush

Sister #2's visit is going to be wet. We got two and a quarter inches of rain on Sunday. More is on the way.

The gardener likes rain. It was actually getting a bit on the dry side with eighty plus degree sun shiny days. And the gardener has been busy planting things hither and yon and can't be watering all that stuff. Relying on others to do it is always an iffy prospect.

Rain makes happy flowers that bloom.

This is the lone poppy in the wild cultivated gardens. There might be more coming. A packet of seeds found their way to me. I gave them prime territory in the dung filled roadside vegetable garden. Success. They germinated and are growing. All my other attempts failed. Seems poppy seeds are fussy and pretty much need bare ground free of competition. That is in short supply around here.

The first of the Flame Azaleas is in bloom.

The Lady got soaking wet.

 I went out there during a pause because I know it will be midnight soon and the Lady will disappear.

Grass grows.

It wasn't raining after dinner so I went out to see what I might see. The Carrion Flower, Smilax herbacea, is reaching the time to fall over stage.

At the very end, my Trillium gets some luteum.

The purple nature of the Black Iris is revealed.

Aralia cordata 'Sun King'. It takes big foliage to stand out in the Lush.

The Chinese Rhubarb in the big yellow pots is settling in and growing quite nicely. So far I am very pleased. It will be interesting to see how this tableau changes when the Mayapples are gone.

I may have been feeling over worked and a wee bit stressed of late. That means I had to buy myself a plant. So I did. One more Persicaria polymorpha would be nice. Repetition in the garden gives it more legibility. Two of them is now three.

Is the Great Lawn in danger? I wanted to give this one more sun than the first two. One I had planted in another garden in full sun at the same time as mine was already much bigger. This is where it could go, get full sun and have the room to grow to full size.

In time this open space between plants would close anyway.

I'd better be careful. The iris of the rotten log are already in the Great Lawn. There is a random crinum by the new Persicaria. I mow around ferns and Jack-in-the Pulpits. There are good things in my lawn.

Empty space, full sun, an acquisitive need for the new, I need to be ruthless not careful. The Great Lawn is an important visual lure and destination into the garden. No more plants In the Great Lawn. I'm sure I can find room around the edges.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I fully agree that you need the lawn as a draw. A place for the eyes to rest and adjust to the full rich displays of green growing things.