Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunny, Cool And Breezy

It was finally safe to go outside after the sun got going this morning. There is a long trail of discards on the paths throughout the garden. Editing was only one item on the agenda today. Seeds were sown. Pots were filled with soil. Poisoned Ivy was pulled. It's a new mission. Paths in the sunny utility meadow were mowed. I got a lot done.

I am still undecided on what to plant in the new yellow pots. I need drama, I know that. But what?

The Ponytail Palm was returned to its outdoor pot after the winter inside. And that is the thing. I don't want to plant something in the new yellow pots I will be tempted to save and bring inside over the winter. Whatever I plant needs to be dramatic, disposable, or permanent and do well in the shade. If I can squeeze in winter interest, even better.

The in ground bold foliage plants of drama are getting started. One of three Aralia cordata 'Sun King' has some size to it. Another I moved to more sun this spring and it is in a state of suspended animation. The third is in a dry spot.

All of them are gourmet slug magnets when they first pop up and I have to douse them with hot pepper to get them past the juicy stage. I've lost whole stems before they had a chance to grow anyway.

Two Persicaria polymorpha are in their second year and looking fat and happy. The first year they were floppier than expected. I hope as they age they will get a bit woodier and can stand on their own.

One of my Shredded Umbrella Leaf shrank. There are more leaves and a bigger clump, but so far it is on the much shorter side. The other one is those tall bare stems directly behind it.

When will it be time to give the Great Lawn its first haircut? I started with a path to cross it just in case company should arrive. I don't mind walking through it the way it is. Soon enough I will need the negative space the mowed lawn creates.

Trillium cernuum is by far the most abundant trillium in the garden. I hope the showier Trillium grandiflorum can catch up.

It was a most fine day in the garden, if a bit on the cool and breezy side. Many chores were done and some long lost neighbors stopped to say hi.

I may stop in at the nurseries tomorrow and see if I can find anything dramatic. I have pots to fill.

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