Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Have Flowers Too

Yes, compared to Bulbarella's, my garden is Green, Green, Green, but I have flowers too.

I have black flowers. Do you?

Starts of the Black Iris were moved down to the rotten log on the Great Lawn a couple years back.

I have yellow flowers that are four feet tall.

I have purply blue flowers and more are opening by the day. Please ignore the wet spot. I picked up some spittle bug juice it seems.

I have a dried blood red flower.

The white is getting whiter on these wild flowers.

See. Look. I have Flowers. The wet spittle bug spot was noted and wiped off.

With good bone structure a garden doesn't have to have all that color and frills to capture your attention and hold it. Nothing wrong at all with a subtle beginning. It builds and builds and at the end of summer into fall, the colors of the Tall Flower Meadow in bloom will rock your world.

I'm good with that. My garden is in its full glory when the rest of the wild cultivated gardens are pretty much done. Besides, I have access to the whole blooming thing. I'm not missing anything.


Lisa Greenbow said...

My garden is going into that phase where the flowers are fewer and farther between. It just means that you appreciate them more when not being overwhelmed. I like green.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa we call that the Lull. It's the post rhododendron bloom before the summer flowers kick in.