Saturday, May 6, 2017

Still Cold And Wet

With a NW flow I knew it would be cloudy, wet and misty up here all day. There was a better chance for some sun in town. Yes indeed it was there. It did not last long and I got cold and wet installing two new beds at the garden remodel job.

I came home to colder cold, below forty, at three in the afternoon. That is a bad sign. I sure hope the temperature holds fairly steady through the night.

I gazed over the garden from the front porch before going in. Now that is odd. Why are so many dandelions blooming on such an icky day? They don't do that. Then they flew away. Dozens and dozens of them lifted up in successive waves.

A huge flock of bright yellow Gold Finches were feasting in the garden. I have never seen that many together before. They were particularly attracted to the unmowed Great Lawn. Must be my blooming weeds.

It is a little disappointing to not be able to go for a slow stroll and get a little editing in when I come home. Cold I can do. I don't do wet. Cold and wet together is just icky.

I do the bulk of my editing when the Lush is still short and small. Evidence of me stomping through a baby meadow doesn't last long at this stage.

No matter. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out. I will have plenty time for a number of really slow walks.

I will say it. The garden is looking the best it ever has. It truly is taking form and gaining substance after all these years. And with a good mowing, all weeds are invisible to the untrained eye in a wild cultivated garden.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I agree. It looks great.