Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Rock Of Phacelia

Moby Rock has several spring headdresses. Phacelia purshii is chapeau number three.

The phacelia was introduced to the ridge top garden many years ago as a few plants and has since spread over the entire mountain and down into the sunny utility meadow where it comes into bloom first.

It is a winter annual that germinates in February. Blooms in May. Ripens the seed and is gone by July. Poof, it just vanishes to return again next year.

One small patch has made its way to my garden. That is all it takes. In a few years my garden will be awash in a blue mist in May.

I can speed the process by gathering and tossing the finished plants loaded with ripe seed. Things is, I thought I already had. I haven't seen any signs of the plants though. Maybe I will be surprised by a patch of blue in another week or two. The Lush can hide a lot of things.

There are blooming patches of the Dwarf Crested Iris that the damn varmints did not eat.

My Kousa Dogwood is loaded with expanding flowers. It is going to have a good show this year.

Miss Collar follows along when I go on editing tours. The evidence of my travels lines the pathways.

The aster leaf syndrome that dominated the garden when I began has come to an end. The different textures are making more of an impact and create a great deal more visual interest. The eye is fully engaged.

Another season in the garden begins. What will it do this year?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the light lavender phacelia. It reminds me of the water plant in my garden. I don't remember the botanic name of it. Your garden is lush.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa are you thinking of Forget-me Not, Myosotis? I have thrown out seeds of those several times to no avail. There is one small plant by the stream.