Friday, May 19, 2017

It Was Time

The Great Lawn was making every effort to rejoin the Tall Flower Meadow. I put off the first haircut long enough. Sister #2 is also arriving for a visit tomorrow. It was time.

So it was whacked when I got home this evening. Now maybe I wanted it to look good for Sister #2, but I also know there will be more visiting and less chore time while she is here. Best to do it now. In another week it would be beyond shaggy.

Fresh mowed lawns are nice. Walking among big bold foliage is better.

The Darmera peltata is reaching for full size. Unlike the Mayapples which are already beginning to fade, the Darmera will last all season.

The paths are mowed. The gardens are in full bloom. The week ahead is looking much cooler.

There will be much fine garden strolling.

One more bit of tidy was tended to. I am not fond of the hairball of sticks. It mars the view. It gets burned before it piles up too high.

The Great Lawn is ready for business, all forty foot diameter of its sort of circular self.

The lower shrub and grass border is also kept cleared. This bit of mowing adds a defining line between the real wild and the garden. I am making good progress on changing that wild. Visually it is the back wall of the garden. Hence it needs to be properly curated.

I truly love how the garden is evolving into something unique and outside the norm.

It's a dance. My partner in nature is half responsible.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like a real garden now. I just love it. I also love circles in the garden. nice.

Heaven Scent said...

Christopher, I have been gone from your blog way too long! Your garden is gorgeous!


Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa It is looking more garden like by the year. Bit by bit.

Thanks Siria. It has come a long way from twigs and castoffs. The planted plants are gaining size and substance.