Sunday, May 28, 2017

It Was Good

Two hours in to my journey of editing for elbow room I paused and looked over the garden. This is good I thought. I could do this many days a week and be quite content. One day.

Every year it gets easier. The planted plants grow bigger and the annoying and unwanted grow scarcer.

I was pretty much done and ready to move on to the next chore when afternoon showers arrived. It made time to sit a spell.

The roadside vegetable garden was weeded when the rain was over.

I am beginning to have suspicions about my earthworms. There are so many, weeding or digging a hole brings half a dozen to the surface. The soil is so fluffy I sink between rows. Are they eating the seeds I sow? I have the worst luck getting seeds to germinate. Something isn't right.

The garden grows on. Abundance can not be stopped.

The bulk of the editing was done in the Tall Flower Meadow. This is where it is important to keep the planted plants, many of which make up the winter Under Garden, from getting buried in the Lush.

Kniphofia bloom.

Even the grasses appreciate not being crowded. The Tall Flower Meadow is taller than most.

I found one small kind frog resting on a Darmera leaf. The box turtle is lucky I didn't step on him hiding in the lush.

Big foliage is a must.

Next week it will be time for a fresh mowing. That little bit of tidy does wonders. It shouts garden.

I also planted a bucket of rooted red and yellow twig dogwood stems in the Lush below the Great Lawn. Fresh cut stems were not working so I put them in a bucket of water. It took six weeks, but they rooted. Now they need to grow. My luck with these has been poor. I hope this planting is the charm.

I would love a wall of bright red and yellow twigs in the barren time.

The back wall of the garden is coming along. I just had to use some of the property below me to make it. Today I asked my rich neighbor across the byway to buy it to add to his thousands of acres of holdings. It has been for sale for over thirty years. When lookers find out how steep most of the twenty five acres is, they flee.

More blooms are on the way with the Japanese Iris of the rotten log.

The Mayapples are getting ready to exit the landscape.

Making elbow room makes for a lumpy meadow. I'm good with that.

It was a good day. Plenty editing, a little rain and clear skies for an evening stroll. The garden grows more awesome by the year.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I hope all of your twigs take. I can't imagine that they won't.