Sunday, March 30, 2008

After the Paper Work

It really is nice to be able to wander around aimlessly for over an hour on a mountaintop garden after finishing another round of job application paper work. I can stay on the beaten path or blaze new trails. Either way I am going to see something I didn't see the day before.

A new Daffodil, the Small Cup 'Barrett Browning' perhaps, is adding to the show.

I can't have you get sick of Daffodils too soon, so let's wander into the woods.

The Hepatica, Anemone acutiloba, (I'll stick with that ID), is showing a blush of pink as more drifts of it push through the leaf litter on the forest floor.

Even in low light, some shade and setting the camera to accept less light, yellow is a tough color to crack. I'm getting more sure this is Viola rotundifolia with the discovery of unfurling leaves.

Violets and Orchids mix on the shady slope opposite my small cabin to be.

The Spring Beauty, Claytonia sp. is becoming a lush carpet.

And Oh Joy, I found two more patches of Ramp, my future cash crop. One quite large one well off the beaten path.

Back at the main entry to the "civilized" portion of the mountain, Puschkinia, Scilla and Chionoxa take over from the Snowdrops. Some small Narcissus with potential multiple flowers per stem waits in the wings.

Am I really going to have to give up this luxury for a job?


Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Hope your paper work was productive. Sorry you missed the show.

Nancy J. Bond said...

How wonderful to be surrounded by all those beautiful blooms.

chuck b. said...

During my current period of unemployment, I find myself sitting in my garden a lot, staring at it blankly. I think I might actually be depressed. But, more importantly, I'm worried that in the future, when things are different, I will be reminded of this sorry state whenever I visit my garden. I hope not!

Christopher C. NC said...

The paper work got done and e-mailed in on time and another set done previously I found out, is still in the "process". So there are two job possibilities still pending.

Chuck we don't want to use the D word. Your garden will be fine. It is completely alive, constantly changing and exists only in the present.

lisa said...

Good luck with the job hunt! Aside from being broke, I love being unemployed during garden season. It gets so that I don't ever want to go back to work! That may be some "D" also, but it sure doesn't feel that way.