Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Sunset Before The Next One

There's another storm a commin'. Apparently I live in a zone of major flux.

Taking good pictures of Daffodils is tough. Bright yellow does not show up well in bright light conditions even in pixels. When the light got good for color purposes, the wind was a blowin' big time and the sharp focus and crisp edges were lost.

Timing is crucial in many things.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those skies look similar to the our skies. Lots of rain coming down here.

Anonymous said...

Christoper: So much happening in your new garden! The wall is coming along quite nicely and all the bulbs! What a show!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a Custom setting on your new camera? I find that works better than Automatic or even the Foliage setting on mine for capturing yellows and reds. It has a cooler tone that keeps those bright colors from melting into one glob of color. (Note my decidedly non-technical description. I could really use a photography class to learn about all the settings on my own camera. I don't use 2/3 of them, I bet.)

Christopher C. NC said...

Layanee, it is amazing the stuff going on this garden.

Pam, my new camera has two Custom modes. I did figure out yesterday how to lower the light level to get the yellows to show up better. It only came with a minimal guide book. I have to go on-line to read about all the settings in the Custom modes, f-stop, shutter speed, aperture, ect. I would prefer the 8 inch thick booklet.

Thank goodness for digital cameras. You can dump all the trash at no expense.