Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Wall n Spring Report

There is a sure fire way to make the weather go away, plant some new plants in the ground without an easy way to water them, all of a sudden the skies will clear, the sun will shine, a hint of warmth appears and there will be a glorious string of days.

This is encouraging more of the Daffodils to open up and inspect the possibilities.

The big patch of Crocus comes into its full grandeur.

A new arrival on the scene, Wind Flower, Anemone blanda.

A really nice patch of Crocus.

These are very fine wall building conditions. It moves incrementally higher.

Down below something else begins to gather form from rock sorting and gathering.

Tomorrow will be another auspicious day.


Frances, said...

You are really coming along with that wall, it looks great! I was hoping that your daffs were the same as mine and I would finally know their name as February Gold, but our wild ones don't have those swept back outer petals. The petals are slightly twisty but are way more forward facing. Any ideas? Photos will be on the bloom day post if you have time to check them out. Thanks.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your spring flowers are just gorgeous. Love those clumps of crocus. Your wall is growing too. It must feel good to be getting it built before it gets too hot.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful - and how lucky you are!

I haven't seen wind flower in years and years, had forgotten about it. I always liked it.

I haven't gotten any of my seeds in yet, and I need to. I keep saying 'next weekend' and the opportunity never comes.