Friday, August 22, 2008

Filling In The Gaps

It takes a while to even have gaps when starting your life over from scratch. I have two flower beds and a vegetable garden that are"full". The garden is the gap.

The unique approach of building the roof on the ground required that some gaps were left in the cabin. The easy to reach ones are being closed in first.

I managed to fill in two pieces on the difficult side of the cabin. There will be some rented scaffolding in the near future.

The front door is being secured, level and plumb. Thirty two sixteen foot long 2x6 tongue and groove boards were placed on top of my truck and driven up the mountain. These have already been cut to size for the floor of the loft and a small storage loft above the front door.

About half of the metal straps that tie the roof and walls together were tacked on until I ran out of that particular kind of nail.

The edge of the tropical storm, Miss Fay that has been drowning my relations in Florida is getting closer. The drought has actually been timed perfectly for the raising of the roof, but we have had enough of not enough rain. I hope Miss Fay comes our way. Things are beginning to look scary dry. If I haven't quite filled in all the gaps, tough. We need some rain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Those roses are beautiful and before you know it, that garden will be full ~ much sooner than my garden anyways! I too worry about the lack of rain up there. You motivated me so this summer and I planted much more than I usually do. Now I worry about all my plants. I went to WalMart after your $9 knockout rose post and bought 6 of them @ $4.50 each. Can you believe it?! I think they are doing great, it's the expensive Limelight Hydreangea from BB Barnes I am worried about. :((
Your cabin is looking awesome. You will definitely be working on the finishing touches as you watch that first snowfall out your windows. What a sight!

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, I worried about those gaps when you said you had to get up there to fill in the spaces. Hope you can get it done before Fay comes, and I do hope she comes to all of us that need rain so badly. The floor boards sound perfect for the loft. Will that space be open to below? What kind of steps or will it be a ladder to get up there? Be careful!

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, for years the resident gardeners would come back to see what survived and what didn't. This drought of the last two weeks has been very bad. Even native plants are drying up completely in spots. Not good for things you may have planted.

I hope to be working on the Hardie plank before the snow flies. Then it will be pretty much all inside work.

Frances there will be a ladder of sorts to get into the loft. It will have half walls, 36" high, drywalled, instead of a railing. So it will be partially open to down below. I needed the extra wall space for art work.

Anonymous said...

Your house is looking great. I love that you will be looking at the tree tops.

Christopher C. NC said...

Layanee, the view from inside is going to be awesome. Crawling around on the exterior of the cabin it is very scary.