Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On The Downside Of Summer

Way back in April there was a foundation, a floor and four framed wall sections laying on it. Two dry stack stone walls to create a terrace for a patio beside and beneath the cabin were close to completion after a winter of stacking.

With the return in early April of the building contractor from his wintering grounds, cabin construction resumed.

Time flies when there are so many little details to attend to. Before you know it, you are on the downside of summer.

The very first of a huge wave of Goldenrod signals a change. It seems too early.

The late summer bloomer, Joe Pye Weed comes into its prime.

The majestic deep purple of the Ironweed is not far behind.

Clematis virginiana, Virgin's Bower, close kin to Clematis ternifolia, the Sweet Autumn Clematis may bloom just a bit earlier, than its non-native cousin, but it is still a sign of the changing days.

The start of the final layer of a roof marks a milestone in cabin construction.

It's on both sides of the living room section of the roof so far.

Fall planting in the vegetable garden has begun. Potatoes from the grocery store, yes I know you're not supposed to do that, and I may have rushed the eye setting and curing after cutting into segments process, but I wanted to give potatoes a whirl. The old sugar snap peas were removed and a new batch reseeded. Radish, beets and carrots were also seeded.

Butternut squash ripen in the setting sun among the withering vines.

Up here blueberry season lingers.

And the blue sky exists only directly over head. The thick ozone generated in the heat of late summer obscures the far horizon behind a thick haze.

A cabin, a roof, soon the two will join together to close off the elements.

Before the first frost it might just be able to get a bit toasty inside with doors and big windows acting like a giant cold frame.


Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, goldenrod? Too early for sure. Ours have not even budded yet, although maybe out in the wild they are. Your roof is wonderful, you must be so pleased. Have you set a date for lift on yet? Blueberries beyond description, so plump and beautiful. Is it time for the fall garden now, I was waiting until the 15th. It is still so stinkin' hot here. How about there?

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes goldenrod already, and this wasn't a single fluke plant.

Frances our hot is 82 degrees. I need to take advantage of it. The cool could be here all too soon. I am still trying to wrap my mind around these due dates for gardening. After twenty years in Hawaii, of it just don't matter very often when you plant something, rushing to get something planted, seeded or grown in time works my nerves a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, looking good. Will anxiously wait to see how all comes together when you put the roof on. I know you are getting anxious. Fall garden, seems early but where I am it is not. I agree it seems to be getting shorter. Fall is always so pretty there. You will love living in your "new" home when it is finished. The beauty that will surround you will be breath taking. Enjoy to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher! Your roof looks great! I know you must be so thrilled with all this progress. The roof will be on your cabin before you know it.

Another sign of the end of summer that I have noticed is that the sun is setting earlier in the day than it was even a month ago. Before you know it, it will be setting early in the evening, not giving you as much daylight hours to get all your work done.

The Rudbeckia, with the view of your cabin in the background are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christopher. I'm drinking in these signs of approaching fall. I noticed that the American beautyberry is beginning to turn purple in my own garden, which is one of my first signs, though fall won't really arrive here until mid-October.

Good luck with making the most of your late-summer days, whether on the cabin or in the vegetable garden.