Saturday, August 9, 2008

How's The Corn

Let's examine the evidence.

For such short plants, the ears are looking like they might get to the six to seven inch ear size stated on the package. The are right next to the world's smallest edible cantaloupe so one wonders. They're looking good.

A highly suspicious paw print was seen this morning in the newly emerging radish seeds. That looks like a tiny hand with a thumb print. Uh oh! I haven't seen any critter tracks around the roadside vegetable garden since Uncle Ernie went to work. This can't be good.

According to my online research, coupled with an ear examination, the time guesstimation of when the sweet corn should be done is around August the 15th.

Obviously it isn't ready yet. The local corn connoisseur pulled down some stalks, gnawed on the end of an ear and moved on. Or maybe better, he spotted Uncle Ernie out of the corner of his eye, freaked and bolted.

I wouldn't be opposed to seeing some road kill in front of the roadside vegetable garden in the next few days. To get so close and be denied would be heart breaking. I was warned.

Consternation is followed by thought.

Incremental pieces are slowly added to the metal roof. A 90 degree angled strip of metal was slipped under the panels and added to the top of the roof to act as a dam to wind driven rain and snow. The foam/screen enclosures will go in front of this to allow for the roof ventilation.

The rake trim peaks have been fashioned and added.

Everything is ready for the ridge caps to go on the roof.

We just need to find someone who can bend the metal ridge caps from their present 135 degree angle to a 90 degree angle which will make fastening them to the roof that much easier.


Anonymous said...

It's been great watching the progress of your place. I check every day for the updates.

A fellow plant freak,

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Dave, thanks for saying hello. You know there is always room in the garden blogosphere for another plant freak. There is even more room locally for another plant freak blogger.

Frances, said...

Hi christopher, your roof is elegant and imposing. It will be a suitable addition to your location. You must be getting excited about the crane coming, or nervous. That paw print is unnerving. Is there something you could sprinkle around the perimeter of the corn patch? Maybe something your own body produces that would scare away small four legged individuals, you know just a line in the sand so to speak. We are having some luck against the vole trails behind the walls with the contents of the cat's litter box stuffed into the holes and covered with dirt.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances, I usually like to step away from the road a bit when I draw lines in the sand. I could make an exception in this case. One more cup of coffee please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher,
Your corn is looking soooo good and the 15th is just around the corner. That sneaky critter has been watching and waiting for just the right time to come out and feast. Good luck.

Your roofs look great and the trim paint looks great too. I can't wait to see your post on the crane! How exciting.

Anonymous said...

Your corn looks yummy. Not too long now. I would be sitting out there all night to keep the critter from taking my bounty. Too much work, waiting to loose it now.

chuck b. said...

They say the corn is ready when you squeeze a kernel and it squirts out milky water. Or maybe clear water. One or the other.

The hard part (besides critter management) is getting the pollination timed right, which you did. It's just a waiting game now. Congratulations!

Annie in Austin said...

Beer works better, but the lines are wavy. (Well, so I've been told. I talked the menfolk into it when we had groundhogs in our Illinois garden.)

It looks pretty darned good, Christopher - hope you get some of the corn.