Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Raining

Inside my house.

Granted the roof wasn't quite finished. The ridge caps were not put on the ends so the straps the crane used to lift the roof could attach to the main ridge beam. I temporarily covered three of the openings. Two have held.

It is a lot dryer inside now with the roof I have than it was before.

Miss Fay has finally arrived with some desperately needed rain for WNC. It has been raining steadily for almost 24 hours and we have gotten about five inches so far. The methodical pace of the rain is allowing much of it to soak into the soil.

Everything always looks so easy. Joining the roof and walls together shouldn't take much time at all. It is the numerous details that always win out in the end, doubling any notion of a finished by date or time that floats through my head. I did the best I could to fill in the gaps with final construction and temporary covers.

The plywood sheathing for the connecting wall between the two roof sections has all been cut and fitted in to place. Some pieces were nailed on. Some were just put in place to help keep out the rain. The outline and placement of the two windows in the wall can be seen with their black plastic covers.

I think I see a face in there. What is that expression?


Anonymous said...

Christopher, I'm sorry you didn't get your cabin completely dried in before the rains came. Hopefully the inside will not be damaged too bad.
On another note I hope the rain helps your garden a lot. I know it's been awfully dry up that way. Tn., Ga., N.C. & a lot of other places has been too dry too long.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola thanks. It has all been exposed to the elements for some time and shouldn't be a problem. It will dry out again. The new tongue and groove flooring for the loft may get some water stains. We'll see. That may or may not be a problem depending on what the final finish will be.

chuck b. said...

Five inches of rain in 24 hours? That would be a huge news story out my way. Chaos in the streets.

Your home has stories to tell, and it's not even finished yet.

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, I am trying to decide what expression the face is showing, it depends on which windows are the eyes, upper or lower. The half moon window as a mouth is expressing surprise, the slit in the door is saying a narrow *0*, another surprised look. When the babies make that face we call it the *o* face, it is very special.

Anonymous said...

I see two faces - the upper looks a bit dismayed, the lower, maybe angry? But how could he be angry at the much needed rain?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The twins seem to be saying "pull yourself together. It is only a little rain."

Your cabin is beginning to look like a home. Good luck.

lisa said...

Heh, I think the expression is eyes closed, bracing against the rain. :) Congrats on the precip...hope some blows my way, too.