Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Number One Post From Outside Clyde

I can crawl over steep roofs with a ladder slowly.
I build small cabins to put roofs on.
I tote rocks up and down hill to stack into stone walls.
I raise yummy vegetables to eat.
I plant and plan and dream about a garden in the wilderness.
I do helpful chores around the homestead.
I take pretty pictures of pretty things in nature.
I post about a lot of this stuff on this here blog and
Not a whole lot of people are all that interested in much of it.

What does the googling public really want to know?

They are not interested in two roof sections that only need the rake trim and ridge caps to be ready for lift off. There are more important matters up their noses.

Ragweed! Ambrosia artemisiifolia. What does Ragweed look like? When does Ragweed bloom? The number one post, the most hits received by Outside Clyde from a google search is the Ragweed-PSA. It just may beat out the search term Tropical Porn that keeps a dormant blog alive.

Here is some fresh young Ragweed for you googling folks.

Ragweed and porn may get more notice, but I think I'll stick with the current flow of things.

I like pictures of pretty flowers, nice gardens and the creatures we share them with.


Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, while it's fun to see what the public wants, just go with nude shots if you are looking for lots of visitors, your roofs, rocks, pretty flower and view photos and yes poetry are what bring this discerning reader here upon waking every day, and several times again to read comments. I look forward to the gentle voice with enthusiasm. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not as early a riser as Frances (4:58am??), I ditto her comments! And Frances...I look forward to reading your comments too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances and Siria you are both so sweet and generous with your encouraging words. I am lucky to have many readers of my blog like the both of you. No one can have 10,000 real friends a day.

If I was really interested in the number of hits, there would be ads on the blog and the content would be very different.

Ragweed season is upon us and it is reflected on my Site Meter. I find that amusing. I almost did a top five list of most viewed posts. Hmmm that might make a good garden blog meme.

chuck b. said...

I did a post like this at my old blog. I titled it "Answers to Silent Questions" and tried to be funny.

I could try it again with the new blog, but there is only one really funny question that brings people by. They come looking for a website very different than mine, but similarly named. Mostly men come by this way. Probably no women.

I have never seen ragweed, or known whether it makes me sneeze.

Annie in Austin said...

We also come for news of kitchen counters and floors and Bulbarella updates and mountain photos and views of the sky - and just to share your vision, Christopher.

I guess not having any counters or analytic software keeps me from knowing why anyone reads my blog. Better leave it that way.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose