Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inside Waynesville

Last Monday at 8 am my truck had an appointment with the auto mechanic at Ford. The clutch had been acting a bit intransigent. I thought it best to have it looked at. It is a given that I would be waiting for a while, so I planned to wander off and take a walking tour of Waynesville North Carolina.

Downtown Guardian

White House

Brick House

Makeover House

Dreaming at the Drive Through Teller

Last Car In Line

Scene In The Rearview Mirror

Standing Wall

Steeple In An Electric Fog

Between Buildings

Reflecting On A Chandelier

Eclectic Suns

The Vacant Lot

Empty Lot

Another White House

Red Shutters With Spirit

Rolling Out Of Town

Running Creek Through It

Eight and a half hours later and $444 dollars poorer, with a new slave cylinder in the clutch system, it was time to go home.


Anonymous said...

It is always nice to see town through someone else's eyes. :)

MrBrownThumb said...

That T-Rex is awesome.

chuck b. said...

8.5 hours...gack!

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, glad you got your truck fixed for the long trip ahead at the end of the month. I was concerned about it making that drive, car problems suck. Or are you riding with the resident gardeners? I figured you would not stay the whole month of Sept. but would want to work on the cabin and garden during some of the best weather of the year. I know there are some cool art shops in Waynesville, did you see anything cool?

Lona said...

The T-Rex is so cute. How ingenious. Loved looking at your pictures. it was like taking a sight seeing tour from my own home.

Christopher C. NC said...

The downtown area is quite nice, still a bit on the sloooww side. It could use a few more blocks and restaurants, but the business isn't there.

I think I read the city bought the T-Rex from the artist so it will stay. That's cool.

Chuck I was insistent that they had only one day. It could have been worse. They decided to use it.

Frances I did see a painting I liked that was the exact same price as my new slave cylinder. I will be hard pressed to hang the art work I have now on the few available walls in the cabin. I'll have change the art with the seasons or something.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, T-rex too cool. A couple pics shows places that I have been. Thanks for memories.
Sorry that you had to put out so much to get your truck fixed but in the mtns. you have to make sure your vehicle is tip-top. Brakes are the most.
The cabin is looking super. Will you have the windows in soon?
Hope your relatives in Fl. are safe & dry. We are not. We are wet & it's not over yet. Still raining. Poor yard so wet cannot walk in it.

lisa said...

LOVE the T-rex! There is so much cool creative metal art out there these days. That town looks cute, and I like the name! (My dad's name was Wayne :)