Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The FrankenVent

And the final hours of the Headless House.

It looks innocuous enough, a temporary pipe hanging there loose and out of the way for the operation that will attach the head.

All we needed was a set screw for the two and a half inch diameter circular drill bit we had. The set screw is needed for the center drill bit that guides the larger circular drill bit in drilling a big hole through the metal and the plywood of the roof. After three tries to get a set screw that would fit, a whole new circular bit was bought and the hole for the vent finally pierced perfectly through the roof.

Then someone got a little generous with the screws and FrankenVent was born.

Look it is the front door posing in its future location.

It has a black leaded glass sandwiched between the two layers of safety glass.

I have been a gardener and landscaper for a long time.

I know how to distract your eye and attention away from things that may be less appealing.


chuck b. said...

You must be butcher than I am. All this talk about construction causes my eyes to glaze over. The pictures are lovely, tho'. :)

Nice front door! Our front door has a little window like that, but instead of being a rectangle down the center, it's a half-circle up on top. (We didn't pick it; the house came it.)

Do you have a move-in date?

Anonymous said...

Looking good Christopher. One more step to completion.

Anonymous said...

Opps!!! anonymous aka Lola

Anonymous said...

Christopher, have you come across any ginseng yet? It's strange looking but once you see it you won't forget it.

Cindy, MCOK said...

Christopher, you should have lift-off by now. I know all your readers are looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing about the roof raising. I'm sending good vibes your way!