Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prelude To A Bloom Day

Angelica gigas.


Carol Michel said...

I saw Angelica on another blog. I want it in my garden, too! It's a cool looking bud.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

chuck b. said...

Angelica in late August, how nice.

They look a lot like Heracleums. Must get to the bottom of that.

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, these are fantastic plants. Yours are amazing. They would look so good in the black garden, but it is getting crowded in there! A place will be found for one at least. I have had two hummingbirds visit my feeder, of course they fight. It is thrilling, thanks for the inspiration. Now you need to go for ice cream! (Across from Atlanta Bread Company) ;->

Christopher C. NC said...

Angelica and Heracleum are both in the Apiacea family. There will be plenty of seeds to collect of this biennial come fall, that can be dispersed. If only someone will remind me.

Hummingbirds at your new feeder in less than a day Frances. That was fast. If you get as many as we do, you will need to fill the feeder every single day. Bulk sugar and water is way more economical than store bought hummingbird juice.