Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Melts Away

Alone on the mountain top, I watch the snow melt on the last day of 2009 before a deep, deep freeze arrives to bring in the new year. I'm talking cold here, major cold. Anything else that is going to melt from the snow of two weeks ago hasn't got much time left. The final minutes of melting are ticking away. My nipples get hard just thinking about what is to come.

Frankly being trapped by the snow is making me a bit cranky. I don't like sitting around twiddling my thumbs being unable to do things. The driveway down to the cozy cabin is still covered in snow and being unable to transport supplies inhibits what little progress could be made in these conditions. Tomorrow I just may have to bite the bullet and shovel another 150 feet of driveway without a proper snow shovel. Otherwise it will be a unusable sheet of ice for the next week at least.

There must be some way to make myself feel better about the recent work slowdown. How much progress has been made on the cozy cabin in the last year?

This picture is from November 7th 2008.

From Outside Clyde

This picture is from December 5th 2009.

From Outside Clyde

What is not visible in the picture above is a plumbing system that finally passed inspection, the insulation and beadboard ceiling of the floor structure, drywall that is hung and countless numbers of details. A well was drilled and a gas tank and gas lines were installed. Good progress was made in 2009.

That was helpful. I will still feel better when the sun comes out and the temperature goes back above freezing some time late next week.

Happy New Year everyone. 2010 the Year of Completion is here.


thistleandthorn said...

Damn, Christopher, I just checked out the forecast for Clyde for the next few days, and you are about to be one cold transplant.
Your daytime temps will rival that of Highlands, NC, where I lived and loved for over a decade.
Highlands will beat you by a few degrees colder during the nights... don't think I don't know a thing or two about living with a wood stove and gravity water...
Happily, I'll soon be moving from FL to upstate SC... the bottom of the waterfalls, where the temps are sweetly more moderate and a good ten to fifteen degrees warmer than what you are about to deal with...
Don't be a martyr. Please. If your power goes off, get thee to a warm motel in a nearby mountain town!

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful cabin. You need a painting of pic #3 (snow and all) to hang in the cabin when you finally get to move in.

Christopher C. NC said...

TandT you have to subtract a few degrees from the weather diagnosis for Clyde down there in the valley. I am up top at 4000' elevation. Is that higher than Highlands? I need to go visit upstate SC one day. The power better not go off again.

Thanks Sallysmom. I have considered that and know an artist I could e-mail the picture to and commission a painting. Problem is I already have more art work than I have wall space.

Pam/Digging said...

Your progress must be very satisfying, Christopher. The cozy cabin looks inviting and snug, and your stone wall really comes into its own under cover of snow. Stay warm, and have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping one day to see a before and after comparison of the cozy cabin. You have indeed made an amazing amount of progress.
You need what I call "inside jobs"; those saved for such rainy/snowy and/or cold days. Since I doubt you sew (my major inside job), perhaps simple furniture-building or something? Wood-carving? (:
At any rate,Happy New Year to you and 2010 will indeed be the year of completion!


chuck b. said...

Put a black locust on the fire, get the kittens under a blanket with you, and read a book. RELAX. I recommend Julia Child's My Life in France. Best book I read in 2009.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Christopher, don't be so cranky. Do something that makes you happy. Your progress is evident. The cozy cabin is looking so inviting. You will be in there soon.

Les said...

Make sure you are well supplied with food, beverage, book, CD, DVD and electricity. Have a great New Year, looks like this will be the one you move into the Cozy Cabin.

Anonymous said...

Have you planned a slide show or blog posts that show the cabin from it's "first board" (or whatever you call it up) to present day?

Mary Ann said...

Chris, First let me say that this is the first blog entry I've ever written. My husband and I are really enjoying your comments about building your cabin and gardening. We live in the Cohutta Mountains of N.Ga. It's tough to live and garden in such a place. But we are 67 years old and have managed to survive. First the comment about a water resevoir was a great idea. If you don't have a spring than you might resort to filling milk jugs, your washing machine, and bathtub. After all, water for the toilet is the greatest need in such a situation. The wood heater is a must also. You can cook your meals as well as warm the house. They come in all sizes. You would need a small one.
You can survive quite comfortably with having just by meeting these two needs. We were out of power for 14 days during the blizzard of '93 (3' of snow). I cooked 3 meals a day and took care of my son's family including a wife, 6 yr old, 2 year old. and a 24 hr newborn. By the way we're building a cabin up there too, out by Max Patch. Please let me know if you get this since it's my first time trying to blog.
Mary Ann

Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog said...

Good progress indeed! It looks beautiful and I hope you see completion in 2010. Happy new year!

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Pam. The cabin looks good for sure. Enough people slow or stop to look at it. In the snow the walls really stand out from the road view.

Bev, I should be writing I suppose as my inside job. I just find it easier when I am inspired than as a task to do. I have enough pictures to all kinds of before and afters.

Chuck I can only RELAX so much before I need to get up and get moving. I'm reading two books at the moment.

Lisa I sure hope to be in there this summer.

Happy New Year Les. Got plenty of food and I could figure out how to use the CD and DVD players.

Sallysmom I have enough pictures to make a movie of the cabin going up. One day I might do that.

Hi Mary Ann. Come on in the water is fine. Yikes! 14 days without power.

There is a small headwaters stream here and my folks did use that water before they put in their well. I would need to make some sort of a small resevoir to be able to collect it. I still don't want to deal with a wood stove. All I need is enough generated electric juice to keep the pilot on the furnace going. I can light a gas stove to cook.

Max Patch Road is very close to me and I have been there a couple times since moving here. Do you get to your place through Fines Creek? Very nice to hear from you Mary Ann.

Happy New Year Jean. This will be the year of completion for sure.

Anonymous said...

I hope you saw some sun today to warm your soul before the deep freeze comes. Seems like move shoveling with the crappy shovel is in order. Better than just sitting around. Stay warm and write that novel. Or an autobiography.

Lola said...

Happy New Year Christopher. Wishes for a very healthy, happy & prosperous yr. You've done a wonderful job & lots of it this past yr. Kudos to you my friend.