Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Waiting For Fence Posts

The storms almost always seem to finish at dusk. The day is over and it is too late to get anything done. After waiting all day, there is more waiting until tomorrow.

The split Black Locust has a bit more of a lean to it now. The south easterly winds on the wet side of the storm were pushing the locust towards the trunk. It bobbed up and down all day, but never came crashing down.

The wicked howling winds of the north are usually what comes next. This will push the top of the Black Locust away from the trunk and in the much preferred direction of fall, away from the apple tree and over the fence into the Kingdom of Madison.

It looks to me like the split has descended another foot down the trunk.

The big locust tree did not come crashing to the ground, but the rickety old locust fence out by the roadside vegetable garden had a rotten post blown over on the roadside flower bed side of my driveway. Uncle Ernie lost his bauble and my blogger icon stack o' rocks was knocked down. It was windy.

I hate that rickety old fence and will replace it one day. Right now it needs three new rot resistant locust posts. I'd rather have a semi-dilapidated fence for now than a completely dilapidated one.

So I wait for the wicked howling frigid cold winds of the north to knock down the Black Locust tree. I need some new fence posts.


Anonymous said...

Ha, you read my mind about the locust posts! The locust logs from the tree we cut down years ago stubbornly refuse to rot; I finally had to line a path with them!
Must be some wind to knock down your stones, good grief! It will hit us tonite!


Siria said...

I understand by the weekend it will be frigid. Keep warm and I hope the wind doesn't cause any more damage (other than blowing the top of the Locust tree into the Kingdom of Madison).

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev if this tree doesn't fall soon I may just take one of the locust down at my place for posts.

Siria the cold and snow is scheduled for Friday and Saturday. That is when the worst winds often come. This one seems to be having the stonger winds a bit before the cold.

Lola said...

My My, that old split tree hasn't come down after all that wind. It does look like it has split further down tho. It must have been really hard to knock down your rocks.
Do stay warm.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Uncle Ernie. I bet he was a little frightened at a wind that would knock over your rock stack. I so liked that stack too. I hope you get your new fence posts soon. Locust trees don't give up very easily.