Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Colors Of Snow

The View From My Borrowed Window

Apple Futures

Invasive Orange

Accompanied By Rhododendrons

Alternate Route

Past Warmth

Uncle Ernie's New Do

The Changing Moods Of Gray

Blueberry Icing

The Last Chance At Elegance


Carol Michel said...

Those are very pretty scenes of the first snow. It does have quite a few different colors for being 'white'.

Stay warm!

Les said...

I enjoyed enlarging these photos, but would not have enjoyed the snow. I think the first shot is the best. Will you have a wood stove in the cabin?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful portfolio. The gray looks even more enchanting in the snow!


Phrago said...

Chris, Great photos! Patrick

Lola said...

Christopher,gorgeous bedroom view. Post card quality.
Lone apple tree---I can't believe the beauty. The fence, do you plane to repair at some point or is it someone else's.
Icing on that scrambled cake, not bad. Roadies react to weather. At least the road isn't slick, yet!!!
I was hoping you would visit "The Chimney". Would like to have seen the "Lonely House".
Poor Uncle Ernie looks chilled with his first white covering.
The Cozy Cabin also looks content with her first white covering of the yr. I noticed the snow came in from the driveway side. That icing does look good--color of Blue too.
Elegance of nature is always good.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol its funny how the black and white makes the few bits of color look those commercials where they do that.

Les the snow is not that bad when the wind is not blowing. No wood stove. I don't want to have to split wood or clean the thing. Maybe a fire pit out in the garden. I will have an ample wood supply when I start tidying up the forest.

Bev, that grey changes all the time in the different light.

Thanks Patrick. It helps to look for the beauty when I am mostly stuck inside.

Lola it was a nice stroll. Tomorrow the sun may be out.

Pam said...

How beautiful. (I do miss snow). That last image is just wonderful.

Tonight will be the coldest night I've had in the Airstream. Your cabin looks so warm! (I know, it probably isn't - yet. Do you plan to heat with wood - with supplemental electric?)

Siria said...

Christopher ~ Just beautiful! It looks so peaceful and serene. Your cabin looks so tidy and neat (and very completed) in the pristine snow. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's the invasive orange?

Christopher C. NC said...

Pam I hope you have adequate heat in the Airstream. The cabin will be heated with a small gas furnace that goes smack up against the wall in the middle of the main room. After all the inspector men kept commenting on the under the house mounted furnace with floor ducts, I just said keep it simple and went with the indoor furnace.

Siria it sure was pretty even if things come to a bit of a halt.

Sallysmom that Invasive Orange is the Oriental Bittersweet, Celastrus orbiculatus which is on the invasive species list.

chuck b. said...

Uncle Ernie looks great, and so does the cozy cabin. Some Christmas lights would be just the thing.

How It Grows said...

Beautiful snow pictures!

lisa said...

Gorgeous! Uncle Ernie doesn't even seem to mind. *~<];-)

Christopher C. NC said...

Uncle Ernie is quite the handsome fellow who draws lots of attention from passersby. I have this odd love hate relationship with rubber neckers.

lisa said...

LOL! I have that same relationship with people in general! ;-)