Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moods Of The Big Dump

Most of the snow came on Friday. The power first went out at 11:30am when we were just getting started. It came back on for about a half an hour at 1pm. Then at 1:30pm Friday that was the last of the electric power until Tuesday at 4pm.

By the end of the day Friday there was a foot of snow. It continued to snow lightly all day Saturday. Saturday night another two inches was added for fourteen inches of piled up snow.

Between initial melting and compaction there had to have been at least sixteen inches of total snow.

It snowed lightly all day Sunday. Is that a light I see at the end of the dump?

I didn't get far from the igloo for most of the days. I saw a lot of this view.


Les said...

Please don't take this as anything near an "I told you so moment", but this is why I asked you if you were putting in a wood stove in your new home. Perhaps you have a heat source that is not dependent on electricity. Anyway, your pictures are beautiful and I am so glad we did not get what you and the most of Va. got. Please have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Christopher C. NC said...

Les the real "I told you so moment" will come next winter if I do not heed this lesson and have an alternate ignition source for the electric pilot light on my gas furnace in the cabin. Extra water would be good too or enough juice to run the well pump. I think with heat and water you're good to go. Trying to heat this house with the fireplace was the worst most inefficient waste of good heat. I think a wood burning stove would be more efficient than a convential pretty firplace, though they make better fireplaces these days.

lisa said...

I think simple wood stoves are very helpful, since they need zero power and radiate heat from all around the stove. If you really want to expend some cash, the soapstone stoves hold and radiate LOTS of heat for a long time after the fire goes out. At least your view was rather beautiful! :)