Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Tip of The Iceberg

This is what greeted me upon arriving at Client #1's to start cleaning up the mangled mess created by the big Dump of '09'. Giant piles of snow in parking lots are expected in Buffalo. They look entirely out of place in Clyde.

The branches resting in the snow pile were just the beginning of the shattered limbs of the White Pines strewn beneath and caught in the tops of the row of pines that act as a screening from the main highway behind them. A Lacebark Pine, Magnolia grandiflora and a grouping of Pfitzer Junipers were also a bit tore up.

Everything was picked up from the ground and what could be reached with a pole saw was pulled out of the trees. There are still more broken branches up there high in the tops of the pines. I don't climb trees. It was a good start on returning the garden to order. More snow needs to melt before the more detailed cleanup can begin.

Nine days after the snow stopped and it still hasn't all melted. It hasn't gotten warm enough. As a matter of fact it has gotten colder. The morning low was sixteen. I doubt that it made it above freezing up here on the mountain today.

More snow is in the diagnosis for New Years. And rain. And sleet.

Lowes was sold out of snow shovels. I wanted me a real snow shovel. You can see the difference in the driveway between where I had to shovel to escape and where I didn't. I didn't get very far on that first attempt to get out.

I just thought it would be nice to have the proper shovel for the next break out if I should happen to need to go anywhere. That is bound to occur at some point, me actually needing to be somewhere. I hope.


Lola said...

Oh my, that looks like a mess for sure.
Were you able to straighten the pipe out or is it priority at this point. Shoveling snow is no fun--worse when you don't have the right equipment.
It sure was a trip when I lived in N.Y. Lots of snow. Lots of shoveling & me pg.
I sure hope you don't get anymore of the white stuff. The freezing rain is too much.
Stay warm. Kitties too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola that pipe is still buried in the snow. It is just a vent and can wait for a warmer day. I am sure there is plenty of white stuff to come this winter. You're right. If I have to shovel it, I might as well have the right tool.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think you need a snow blower. Those are some great accumulations I have been reading about.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it is not supposed to be like this. I better not need to get a snow blower.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, we just returned from a trip to Asheville, taking back roads due to the closure of 40, and could not believe the tree damage. As you said, the crews only cut what was blocking the roads, not an inch more. The Brokenbeats were without power also, then again on Christmas day. Snow is still piled up, even in town. Crazy. We have a couple of snow shovels, metal and plastic and have only used them one time here. We moved them to Texas from our other TN home where they were used more frequently than one might imagine. Often the stores don't carry them at all, and when they are needed, sell out immediately. You might need one that fits on the front of your truck! Hope all is well and mostly repairable there. It cannot be said for the trees that have been ravaged, very sad.

Siria said...

Welcome home Christopher! You missed an exciting week in the mountains. As the snow has been melting, I see new evidence of damage every time I am out. I just can't believe how much damage there is! The snow was so heavy that it crushed the trees and branches. Have you noticed the bamboo which has been crushed flat to the ground?! We have also had several days of high winds up here. I was so worried about your kitties and am glad to hear they are both back. You need to find a neighbor farmer that can plow you out of the snow when in need, and will keep your kitties for you while you are away. (Or will your family in Florida welcome kittie visitors for a few days when you go south?)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with health, happiness and finally home in the cozy cabin.

Phrago said...

Chris, I never thought I would like them when they were first introduced, but the bent handled snow shovel are fabulous, and really take the strain off your back. The ones sold at Home Depot seem to have a better angle than the ones at Lowes, I have both. They only come in plastic, but they make shoveling a lot easier...
Good luck this winter, Patrick

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances it sure is pretty crazy out there with all that damage. I may not be able to find a snow shovel in all of WNC until summer. I have a little one with half a handle I use for the deck and steps. i wanted a big scoop for the driveway.

Siria I didn't miss much. I could tell another wind storm came through from the new load of sticks on the ground. It was just getting started when I left on Thursday. I saw the crushed bamboo that day too since I diverted to the post office before getting on the interstate. I think I'd rather clean up fallen trees than that crushed bamboo.

Thanks for the shovel tip Patrick. If I head over to Asheville, I'll have to stop at Home Depot.