Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Morning It Ended

Oh was I ever so happy to see blue sky appear as it turned to light Monday morning. The beginning of the end of my torment.

Up before dawn to light a fire, it was too cold inside to stay in bed. Rats, the power did not come back on in the dark of the night.

Fetching logs from the ridge top garden would be easier in the sunlight when it wasn't snowing.

The day ended with no electric power.

All that newly split and cut wood would be needed to keep the temperature inside the igloo close to sixty degrees before I fell asleep in the dark and the fire went out.


thistleandthorn said...

It sounds like you are missing Hawaii!

Christopher C. NC said...

TandT I have two weeks of Aloha planned and ticketed for March.

chuck b. said...

"TandT I have two weeks of Aloha planned and ticketed for March."

So do we!

I'm glad you made it through the night. I think many of us were worried.

Can't wait to hear all about it.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck I am not the jet setting island hopper type like you and Guy so I will be lounging on Maui from 3-3 to 3-16. Now if you happen to be there then and I can steal you away, we can go see the garden I wanted you to see last time.

Cindy, MCOK said...

You're going to be SO ready for that trip to Maui! Until then, stay safe and warm.

lisa said...

Good idea to keep your mind on the beach whilst riding out the storm! :)