Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Escape Even Possible

Tomorrow I will attempt an escape. Will it even be possible?

You folks living up north where snow is a normal occurrence need to chime with with tips and hints on how to get to the scenic byway on a snow covered drive.

It's down to about a foot of fairly slushy snow now. The tire track zone has been walked even lower. Tonight there will not be a hard freeze. This entire dump has been a blessedly warm event.

One small Ford Ranger truck with rear wheel drive and a bed loaded with snow for the extra weight is going to make a break for it in the morning after the sun comes up and it warms just a bit. Wish me luck.

Well, it's a cat house now. I hope they are checking it out now while I type and decide they like it. It will be home for a few days.

I will have snow issues to contemplate during this brief escape. This does not look appealing in the least from a safety perspective. Metal roofs must have entirely different properties when it comes to shedding snow.

The dry stack stone wall is in the thud zone and with a much larger wallop.

But hey, that wall is still standing and there were a couple of people who dissed its stability. Preventative caution however is not unwarranted. Note too how the wet stones pick up a red tint to match the columns.

Very zen like. Mountain peaks high above the clouds.

I will take a moment to think zen thoughts before pressing the gas pedal forward to escape.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! My advice is, stick a snow shovel in the back and sand or ashes (you should have plenty of them!) for potential digouts! Is this your trip to Florida? If so, things should improve rapidly.

Merry Christmas!!


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev all that dark stuff on the snow in the first picture is the ash from the fireplace, a little solar melting aid. Yep I am headed to Florida for a very short visit. Merry Christmas to you. Don't tell your husband I am in warm and wet Florida.

Pam said...

When I was almost to my Dad's house last night, I had to make it down a steep incline, across a wooden bridge, and then up an even steeper incline. It was after dark, and the incline was shaded and the snow was hard and crunchy - I was indeed worried that I was going to slide down and then not be able to get back up!

Now, it looks like the road you need to make it down is mostly downhill, right? That should help. The extra weight in the truck (thanks to the snow) should help. Good luck - and I hope when you get south it's nice and warm.

It's suppose to be 40 tomorrow here - with rain/freezing rain tomorrow night and more rain on Christmas Day. I'm glad I made it home in time to enjoy a bit of the snow. Oh - your previous images (esp. those of your 'prison' view) are beautiful.

Have a nice holiday.

Lola said...

Slow & easy---you will do fine. Ice is my big worry.
Do you have chains? They are good for situations like this.

I was wondering about the Cozy Cabin. Looks like she fared well. Of course when she is warm inside that slide will come off better. To, a good insulation inside roof will help keep the white stuff in place.
It's amazing what a small kerosene heater can do. I "baked" biscuits on one the yr of our big white fall.
Do be careful.

Unknown said...

Travel safely my friend...
Happy Holidays!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Best of luck getting out of your white prison. Have a great escape. Merry Christmas.

Christopher C. NC said...

Pam I am glad you got to enjoy some snow in Va for Christmas. Walking in it is no problem. Even Stanley will figure it out. It has been close to 25 years since I drove it. This may be where just do it comes in to play.

Merry Christmas Nalani. See you soon. If we go to Hana camping I ain't building no fires, but we have to see the Piilani heiau so I can see if it is a real memory or manufactured illusion of me seeing it before.

Merry Christmas Lisa. Looks like you are in for a white Christmas. I am headed to rain.

Carol Michel said...

Be safe, stay warm. I think you'll make it!

Phrago said...

Have a Great Holiday in Florida! That will be quite a contrast to the last week for you. When you get back think about a set of chains for your car. They're a bit noisy but really work! Happy Holidaze! Patrick

Becky said...

My favorite "Get yourself out of trouble when the roads are bad thing" is a couple of burlap bags. Placed under the wheels they give great traction and you don't have to stop to retrieve them unless it's easy to do so. Many times a man has watched me drive away from being stuck using them.

sweetbay said...

Ha! I love the mountain peaks above the clouds. :)

With the bed loaded down you should be able to make it out. A shovel and couple of boards to wedge under the tires if need be for insurance.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Diane said...

Was thinking about you today and your snow woes. We've had mostly rain these past 24 hours and it's so dreary - a muddy brown Christmas is expected. Some white fluffy snow would be so pretty! Of course, just a couple inches would be enough.
Popular traction material is a sack of cat litter to spread in front of the wheels in case you get stuck. Otherwise - slow and easy and you'll be fine.
I don't know much about metal roofs but now I understand why they usually have a thingamabob to interrupt each section - so the snow doesn't form high-speed torpedoes as it slides down!
In any case - Happy Holidays and enjoy your trip to warmer climes!

chuck b. said...

You're dealing with things I do not even comprehend. But it's late on Christmas Eve so I think you made it out. Merry Christmas!

Christopher C. NC said...

It was not pretty. The shoveling procedure can't be avoided it seems. I started at 9:30am and got to the scenic byway at the end of the driveway at 1:20pm

lisa said...

Geez, I can't get over how your driveway looks just like mine this year! I couldn't get out of shoveling here either-all 130' of it! :( Like I said in a previous comment: 4X4 four wheeler! :)