Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Scenic Byway

One of the good things about living on the scenic byway is that it is a major state highway. They keep this road plowed and plowed well whenever it snows.

Tuning left out of the resident gardeners driveway takes you into the Kingdom of Madison. We don't go that way very often.

The scenic byway looks fit for travel if you can get onto it. You need someone else to plow your own driveway.

Turning right from the resident gardeners driveway takes you to the mountain metropolis of Waynesville. Most often we go that way.

When the time comes that I might actually need to be some where in the winter it will be good to know someone who plows driveways.

For now I just stock up before hand and wait for it all to melt. That usually doesn't take to long in a southern winter. This time I don't think I will be able to avoid shoveling out a hole in the three and a half foot high and four foot thick berm of snow the scenic byway plow left at the entrance to the driveway. I am supposed to be going to Florida soon.

Tomorrow we'll have a chat about what it was really like during the Big Dump of '09'.


Anonymous said...

The byway is more scenic than ever in these photos! Looks like you got some serious snow. Now, why would you want to leave all of this and go to Florida? LOL

Lola said...

All that white stuff reminds me of times past. If I were younger it would be fun even now.
I miss the snow more around Christmas than any other time. But I can remember what a mess it could be.
Hope you get out ok. Stay warm.

chuck b. said...

Nice black and white photography! You colored in the double yellow line, of course.

Your garden could be the Kingdom of Aloha.

Anonymous said...

We were quite worried and almost tried to call you, but figured the phone wouldn't work anyway. It is a land of mountainous enchantment, but without power somewhat scary. Glad you could stay warm enough to fall asleep and had the firewood split. I am sure there are fellows with snow plows on their tractors around there that would be willing to help you out. Have a great trip to Florida and a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Will the young spots be going with you to warmer climes?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would hate the feeling of being cooped up. However the photos you have collected of the aftermath of the storm will give you a fun project of choosing which one to use for your Christmas card next year.

lisa said...

What you need is a 4WD four-wheeler! Then you can attach a plow, dump wagon, garden plow/disk, spray buggy, mowing deck, etc.. Thay make all kinds of awesome accessories for them, they're fun to drive, and I bet it would be a deductible business expense since you have garden clients. Just sayin' ;-)