Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Civilized

I felt like fire today. The last of the rubbish piles in the garden to be have been burned up. The last of ..... right. The forest is incredibly generous with its production of rubbish. I have been eyeing a location for a permanent fire ring, made out of stone of course.

I am most happy to have those last piles of rubbish gone. It feels like the garden to be is finally free to become.

There was some chop and drop of the dead dried stalks of the perennials on the slope below the scenic byway while the fire was burning. Some very old logs remain as you can see. They were too big to move and too rotten to burn. I can wiggle them into a more aesthetically pleasing configuration at some point and plant around them. A rotten log in the forest won't look the least bit out of place.

The baby pines and bamboo will now have to take over the job of focal points that the rubbish piles had held onto for so long. It sure would be nice if the bamboo decided to grow tall this year. I have been waiting.

The picture Hale Mana presents to the world is really beginning to look civilized. In its remote forest setting that may be a bit like one manicured finger on a gardener's filthy hands. That is something I want to avoid.

There are no plans for meatball shrubberies and rigid rows of hedges. There is no flat for a lawn of grass. The plantings are being done in a more naturalistic style with the intention that they will blend into the forest setting. In a few short months the lush will return to obscure everything I've done. It will all blend, right back in.

Then the real editing can begin.


Lola said...

Natural is best. Don't like prissy & prim, just nature. I had a fire ring edged in stones. Every night there I was sitting by it unless the liquid came so hard it would put the fire out. Sure miss that. It's then that you can sit & contemplate the closeness to earth that you were all day.
I'm glad the season has been good to you so that you have gotten where you are now.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The CC looks like a piece of the winter sky on the mountain side. You should feel quite satisfied with all your tidying.