Sunday, January 1, 2012

Give Me Rocks

And I will play with them.

My too big to wiggle rocks got moved by the machine this morning. I had six of them pulled out of the heap where they had been dumped and used them to mark entrances to garden paths.

There were more rocks in that heap than I knew. It was partially rearranged in a more pleasing configuration.

These two were the really big ones. After all the rocks I have schlepped around this mountain top it is almost sad how quick and easy a machine can move giant boulders. Still, ten hours of sleep had me feeling refreshed and ready to play with rocks. After the machine moved them some wiggling was still involved with the smaller rocks.

The rocks are becoming a major presence on the grounds of Ku'ulei A'ina. And there are plenty more that still need homes. The place is turning into a Rockopolis. I had to do something with all these rocks.

Now what can I do about this horrible telephone pole?

All the dead hemlock logs are gone. The last bit of cleanup can be done, whenever, after the machine leaves in the morning maybe. The dung heaps were damaged in the dead tree removal operation. Not damaged enough that I could say they have been turned. I will have to turn them by hand. One wire cage was squashed like a bug by a falling monster hemlock. It was useless anyway. There was no way the caged dung could be turned in there. I will set it free and stick with heaps of dung from now on.

There is real kind cold headed this way according to the diagnosis with a good chance of snow. The winds are already howling. I had to seize the opportunity this warm and snow free day presented in the roadside vegetable garden. Another load of woodchip mulch was fetched and spread. That ten hours of sleep did wonders.

I saved a few bags of woodchips for the newly planted Lycoris bulbs. A little extra insulation can't hurt. I see a low of 14 in the diagnosis. If it gets that low, that will be the record for this winter so far.

There just might be some long afternoon naps in the coming days. That would be nice.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am green with rock envy. Don't you wish you had one of those little front end loaders? Just think of how fast you could move rocks, wood chips, dung. Sounds like lots of fun to me.

Siria said...

Lisa couldn't have said it better!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa one of those mini front end loaders would be fun. The first thing I'd use it for is to cut some nice wide paths on these slopes then cover them with decomposed granite. If I only had the budget for it.

Siria I guess that makes me the mini front end loader.

Lola said...

Oh to have some of those rocks. I sure miss having them.
Lisa did say it wonderfully.

chuck b. said...

The telephone pole could be another tree; a tree without any branches or leaves.

lh said...

About poles, if you scroll down to “Zippitie Doo-Dah” on this site you’ll see an imaginative use of colored zip ties to enhance a pole. Wouldn’t work on your site, but fun to look at in an urban setting. Visually, at your place, a pole might be just another tree trunk, so don’t even think about this.