Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rearranging The Dung On The Low Spot

The dung has been freed from the useless cages and officially turned. Two piles of it anyway. Something is happening. These two piles are much darker than the third pile I have started.

I moved them a bit more off to the side to make even more room in my parking lot. One day another small two bedroom house will go on this level pad. It might get used as a potato field in the meantime. With all this loose dung rolling around I may end up with the most fertile parking lot around.

You can tell there is a potential view for a future small house out there. The rest of the dead hemlocks need to fall down. Then I can see what's left that could use some judicious pruning.

I still have a heap of plastic and cement boards to go to the dump dump from my last spurt of rearranging things. And there is a smaller pile for the money making metal recycling. That will get added to with old metal roofing someone tossed over the side of the hill next door and a stack of rain gutters that will never get put back on that house.

There is supposed to be a big rain a commin' so I left my dung boxes out for a rinsing before I take them back to be refilled. There is no end to this supply of dung.

Crawford would you like to help with a few chores around here?

Not a chance. I'm busy lolling around and Miss Collar is busy primping.

There's plenty of other things needing rearranging around here. That pile of small rocks needs to go and the gravel base in the basement patio needs finishing. I have multiple piles of small rocks stashed in various locations.

The small rocks future home is going to be above the finished wall to cover the bare dirt. Yes I have to finish the wall yet. I thought the small rocks would look nicer than the grey gravel which was my original thought. So much to do still to get to that finished look.

I have no idea what kind of grass this is that is coming up on its own all over, but I like it. I like its round little tuft ball look. These will need to be dug and rearranged to new locations before the gravel base can be completed. It looks like a green version of the Blue Oat Grass. I should pay attention next time it blooms and see if they might be related.

I guess I am happy about this winter that isn't. A lot of rearranging is getting done around the perimeter. I even squeezed in a full day of work kind work in between rains today. I'll be fine if it rains all day tomorrow though. The cozy cabin needs cleaning or I could do my taxes or maybe clean the tool closet next door.

One day surely I am bound to be finished with all these chores. I'll give it another four years just to be on the safe side.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! You can tell how hard you've been working in that picture of your "parking area". Where did all your construction materials go?! It looks great! Your kitties are really enjoying the nice day before the rains come. Don't they chase away the varmits for you? I wish I had a few kitties around to do that for me!

Oh and by the way...that list of chores never goes away because you (and others) keep adding to it all the time! Just be thankful you aren't married or you could have a "honey do" list on top of your list. :))

The cozy cabin looks awesome!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have the right idea about not rushing things. Your CC and surrounds are looking good. Crawford makes an excellent overseer and Miss Collar has the right idea. Sit back and enjoy it all.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria the kitties do catch varmints so I have to give them credit for that. They eat them too and don't leave the carcasses lying around which is nice.

Lisa I am trying not to get whacked out cause I have a large crowd coming in May. I keep saying what ever's done is done and so be it.

Siria said...

Christopher...I've been to your place and it always looks fabulous! That was before you cleaned up the construction debris, mowed and got rid of the trash piles (to name a few things). Don't stress...it will be a fabuous garden party and everyone will be in awe!

Lola said...

I agree with all that has already been said. It does look grand. But do take it easy.
A glorious winter it has been so far. Thankful for that.

lisa said...

Boy have I been away from Blogger a long time! I keep wanting to click "Like" :) Things are really coming together around there, it looks great!