Sunday, January 22, 2012

Subtle Differences

The morning was sunny and a warmish 50 degrees in front of the next wave of rain. That was enough for the snowdrop's petals to fully open. There's not a whole lot of difference between open and closed.

I felt like the chainsaw today. That stack of logs on the left used to be one big log running from the little hill on the left all the way past the small clump of Miscanthus on the right. It was one of the trees the utility company cut down four years ago.

Yes it has taken me four years to finally get it out of the way. There are many ways to interpret that. Laziness is one. The other is that I have been busy and am finally getting ahead of the game. Now I can get to these minor little details like logs lying all over the place.

The chainsaw was a bit dull so I opted to just cut a section out of another log that was blocking the path. At least now you won't have to step over it while strolling through the sunny utility meadow. More time to concentrate on the flowers.

One wild shrub rose got root pruned too. I hate those thorny things.

My best pruners wandered off some where. That meant I went back and traced my steps over the last several bouts of chores. I couldn't find them anywhere, but it did give me the chance to see the snowdrops popping up all over. After I had pretty much given up hope, I remembered the last time I used them. That always helps. Still no luck. Now I have this feeling I put them on the truck instead of in the truck and they may have gone for a ride down the scenic byway. They weren't in the washing machine at least.

This is been the mildest winter without a doubt of the five I have spent on the mountain top. So far at least. Things can always change. The snow drops are basically on schedule, maybe a little ahead with the full open petals. All it really takes is some sunshine once they have come up.

I saw a little more activity in the daffodil department while I was wandering around. Not a lot. That is good. We may be a little ahead of schedule compared to last year. I went back in time on the blog to have a look. A real bout of winter would put a stop to any notions of an early spring.

Unfortunately I don't see any winter in the diagnosis for the coming week. That's not good. But what is there to do about it?


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Lazy is not in your vocabulary! I must say, there is nothing like getting ready for a party to get all those "housecleaning" chores done. The snowdrops are gorgeous!

Lola said...

I agree with Siria. I can't imagine you washing your pruners. lol Hopefully you will find them.

lisa said...

I love your signs of spring! Funny-we just finally got snow here in Minnesota where I'm working. I'm told it's the same late and light winter back in WI too...odd. I agree with the other commenters-you're not lazy. Just prioritizing properly. Those logs weren't going anywhere :)

Jean Campbell said...

Was it you who needed this link?

My nephew declined it. I know there is a gardener somewhere awaiting my finding this again.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I do have occasional lazy days.

Lola my gardener pants are thick enough with the right kind pockets you can forget they are in there. Could of been in the washer.

Long time no see Lisa. This has been my mildest winter so far. Couple little snows, little cold and plenty rain.

Nell Jean it wasn't me looking for that link, but I like it and will have to read it closer. It may have some good ideas for me to move rocks.