Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Knew

Rock porn is its own fetish category, as in rock and roll, at least I hope. Other little tidbits that can be gleaned from the right set of words that accidentally land people in my pile of rocks is that if men in the middle eastern Muslim countries got more sex the world might be a whole lot better off. They really should reconsider how they treat their women. It might help.

The google and the site meter certainly open a window into the weirdness out there in the world. They come looking for porn only to find a snake in the grass.

I still don't know what "six big rocks" was about. That search appears to have ended. A search maybe to see if a book title or band name was already taken?

I do know that in this odd constellation of rockishness, this most recent rock slide on I-40 has the NCDOT saying that both west bound lanes will be closed for at least two weeks while they clean up the mess.

Me, I need to get down there in the crease of the sunny utility valley and get all my new piles of rocks cleaned out of there before the Lush comes back.

I-40 being closed means traffic on the scenic byway is going to be a bit heavier for a while. I got the place all tidied up just in time to be a featured roadside rock attraction on the detour route. I should probably get out there and cut down all the dead dried sticks of the perennials around the roadside vegetable garden too. I can show off my woodchip mulch.

"Look mama. There's a crazy man out there in the middle of winter hauling rocks."

Yep, that's me.


Cheryl K. said...

I wonder what these searchers think when they land in your blog and find you have been wiggling rocks in your garden? I'm intrigued by your work but it would be nice to think you could have a positive influence with your beautiful photos on these poor souls.

Anonymous said...

That is really too funny; I wondered what kind of hits you would get from yesterday's title.
I think your rocks are beautiful. I refuse to dwell on what weirdness would draw people in with those keywords; we have too much beauty to contemplate.


Lola said...

ROFLOL You are so funny. It is funny how the context of a single word can put people in such a dither. Too many jump to conclusion without thinking.

Christopher C. NC said...

Cheryl, you do sort of hope they might have other interests in life too and stop for a moment and go, Oh, that's nice.

Bev I didn't have much hope for rock porn and was a bit surprised. Yes this is only a momentary distraction. I have rocks to haul up to the walls.

Lola it is rather funny. I wait for one of them to leave a comment.

Fairegarden said...

That snake in the grass is mighty fine, Christopher. Boo to the interstate closure, though. Your rock art sculptures are worthy of centerfolds.

LocalContrastBlog said...

Hello Clyde, I just ran across your site. Your sense of humor is great! And the rock garden is a true creative endeavor.

I just started a blog about life in Asheville and in rural Yancey County (I split my time between the two). If you have a free moment, I'd really appreciate any suggestions you might have.


Becky said...

Your blog has been chosen by me for the for the Versatile Blogger award. I think your blog is special. I have linked to you on my “ And the Award Goes to...” post. If you want to find out how this all works go to the post on Plants and Stones and click on Donna. I think the six big rocks is a Zen thing.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances I am liking the snake in the grass. Can't wait to garden around him. No mow blooming meadow is the idea.

Hi Michele. Welcome to North Carolina. Brother and SIL live in Cocoa across the river. I like how you have your post layout with links at the bottom. Other than that I'm not sure what to say without more specific questions. It all depends on what your intent with your blog is.

Thanks for the link and the Versatile Blogger award Becky. My blog does go off on tangents some times as this post shows. I'm going to add zen to six big rocks in a search and see what happens. That could be it.

Siria said...

So often I wish there were "Like" buttons on the bottoms of posts to click on. I agree with many comments already made here. I do LOVE that snake in the grass! You will have fun with that!