Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Six Big Rocks

Need some wiggling. But it has been a busy day at Asheville 2012 Fling headquarters. The basic itinerary went live yesterday. The registration went live this morning. Sponsors are being added. Facebook is getting fed. Communications are flowing in and out fast and furious. There was no time for wiggling anything.

I know for a fact I could not do this kind desk work for a living. It would completely fry my brains in no time at all. Time to stop. I will get back to it tomorrow.

I do much better outside in the fresh air wiggling things.

The six big rocks on the left need to be wiggled into a less disjointed relationship with the Creation on the right. You might also notice random big rocks in the upper portion of these pictures. Those could be put to use in fixing the disjointed relationship that currently exists. The big rocks are always the last ones to get moved.

I have this idea in my head of a river of red blood grass flowing through the deep crease in the sunny utility easement, lapping at the edges of creation. The rocks should be properly organized for such an idea.

You could say too that I might have a predilection for my rocks being organized. It takes deep thought and effort to introduce any sense of randomness into organized rocks that doesn't feel disjointed.

There is an iffy chance they could all be covered in snow by morning. I am sort of doubting it. This rain is just too warm. Maybe I can wiggle some rocks tomorrow.

I know I will be doing more desk kind work tomorrow and a rock wiggling break will be just the thing I'll be needing.


Lola said...

I do much better outside too. Playing in the dirt is so soothing.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like a little rock wriggling to make sitting at the computer sound/feel comfortable. All your managing is greatly appreciated.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola playing in the dirt is a mind cleansing meditation.

Lisa I get antsy when I sit at the computer too long, which I do.

lisa said...

I used to have fear of blog success since it would mean too much more indoor sit-down time. Luckily there was no danger of that :)