Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Proper Southern Snow

I better not be having a white Christmas. That would be scary. A white Thanksgiving is no problem.

The snow came late in the night, much later than predicted. I woke up to a snow covered world. Round two is scheduled to appear in the night once more.

It was already over by the time I got up and without any wind, it was a pretty pleasant day, if a bit cool.

As it should be in a proper southern snow, the melt begin in pouring earnest the moment the sun peaked over the mountain.

By 2pm, where ever there was sun it was gone.

That meant I was able to dig some parsnips in the roadside vegetable garden for tomorrow's supper while a car load of tourists had a snowball fight on the shaded and snow covered scalped hillside of grass across the scenic byway.

It's not unusual. I find snow angels over there most every winter.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your parsnips look good. I have never eaten one. Our area was flocked last night. Pretty to look at and I am thankful it didn't stick to the roads. My family travels an hour+ to be here for a big feast of thanksgiving. Our weather man predicts snow for our Christmas. If it is like this it will be ok. I can imagine people taking advantage of the snow to make angels. Happy thanksgiving.