Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rise Up

Heavy wet snow and still green grass do not make a good combination. The directions should say freeze dry before applying snow to stand all winter.

There is hope. The stems look to be mostly bending instead of snapped. If they manage to stand back up and then get more freeze dried, they will last all winter.

The grasses are a major component of my winter interest in the garden. I need them to stand back up.

At the end of another day, after more snow melt, things are beginning to rise.

There is hope. We have lift off. I hope they got froze good because there is now more snow in the diagnosis for the end of the week. A good breeze would help.

This clump down in the meadow won't be standing back up. Too many of the stems were snapped.

I did see snapped stems in the grasses out by the scenic byway. Once they have a chance to rise I can clean out the broken parts. There will be plenty left.

Good thing there are other interesting plants in the garden than just the grasses. It's best not to rely on too few plants. Some of them always have a bad year. The native Witch Hazel is now in full bloom. There is a small grove of them in this part of the forest.

And look what I found, the under garden. At least some of it.

I had an extra hour when I got home this afternoon and there is no time like now. The barren time is here. I need something to look at. The sooner the better.

Everything I have uncovered so far looks like it had a fine summer of growth. The yuccas will perk back up too. I have seen them get squashed by snow before. The under garden is coming along quite nicely.


Lola said...

Grasses look fine. Love that witch hazel.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola they will look better when they stand back up.

LostRoses said...

Lift- off, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Rise, grasses, rise to meet the sun! (Waving wand).