Wednesday, November 12, 2014

With Mulch

The request was for curved beds. There were too many straight lines. That was certainly true. I have mowed far too many lawns for one lifetime and tend towards curved beds anyway.

Now that they are mulched, you can actually see the new curved beds. I won't be mowing the lawn though. They have a lawn mower dude for that. Still, I have been doing this long enough to know that nice long gentle curves will make his life easier.

And when the lawn mower dude likes me, he is far more willing to help me move some of the large stones that are too big for me to move alone out of the twin falls pond. That is my next project. I have to take the pond completely apart, make the pond bigger on the back, right hand side and put it all back together again with proper skimmers and filters.

The fish in my koi pond at the Posh Estate had babies this year so I will have free fish for the rebuilt twin falls pond come spring.

It all depends on the weather now of course. Rain, snow, a wintry mix, all of it keeps surfacing in the diagnosis along with temperatures hovering just at my minimum operating point.

I see low clouds doing odd things on the mountain tops out where I live. I hope the kitties are keeping warm.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It's beginning to look like winter in them thar mountains. Some of that pond project might have to be put off until the thaw. I like the gentle curves.

Lola said...

I to like the gentle curves. Some of it may have to wait. Looking good.