Saturday, November 1, 2014

The First Snow

I woke up to this.

The main snow came in the night. It hasn't gotten much deeper all day despite the ongoing snow.

There is probably a bit of melting going on underneath since the ground is sure to still be holding a fair amount of warmth.

There was no other warmth out there today. The wind has been blowing at a steady pace bringing a fine powdered snow with it.

The end of autumn peeks through whiteout conditions.

It's pretty much all over now.

A few stalwarts hang on to the cold bitter end.

Compare this scene to the exact same shot in yesterday's post. I sure hope my grasses will stand back up.

It's now a winter wonderland. Poor kitties. They refused to go outside. I had a late afternoon nap.

One small section of a huge clump of grass was spared. I sure hope they will stand back up when the snow melts.

I have been spared too. The power has stayed on. All snug and comfy in the cozy cabin.

While the crazy people kept driving by on the scenic byway.


Jean Campbell said...

Stay snug. I hope your grasses stand again.

Lola said...

Great pics. Yes, it seems the quite has started. Heater just came on, 1st time. Got about 57% today.

Dianne said...

We got right at 12 inches of snow and without power from 9AM until about 7PM.
Luckily we had a generator for important things like computer, tv for husband's ball games, a few lights, and finally the fridge.

Christopher C. NC said...

Me too Jean. I depend on those grasses over the winter.

57 in Florida. You must be freezing Lola. That is now my heat wave.

Dianne the radar kept showing it all bunch up on the border. It looks like most of it fell on your side. There was snow well into SC and that is unusual.

Sallysmom said...

Christopher, do you have a generator or do you just have to wait power outages out?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It doesn't look too deep. I hope the worst missed you. It is pretty especially since it is in your garden. ;)

Christopher C. NC said...

No generator Sallysmom. I have looked into small battery operated ones that would be enough to run the electric ignitor on my little furnace.

Lisa it was about 6 inches of heavy wet snow, enough to squash the Tall Flower Meadow, possibly the grasses and slit one trunk of my baby magnolia 'Jane'.