Sunday, November 23, 2014

While It Raged Outside

If it wasn't raining, the wind was howling. When it was raining, the wind was howling. It wasn't really possible to be outside. Sort of thought about chores will have to wait for another day.

Safe from the storm, an orchid blooms.

I would have preferred a color other than white. I get plenty of white at this time of year. There was just no way of knowing that in the discard rack.

But an orchid in the storm is better than no orchid at all. Maybe the other discard orchid will have color.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Look deep inside that orchid and you will have color.

Lola said...

Sure wish I could grow them here.

Danna said...

I have had a Phalaenopsis with blooms that lasted up to four months. I think it was the white variety like yours. Someone said that they only need about 3 ice cubes of moisture a week.