Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Snow Giving

More snow arrived in the night and it has kept on giving all day long. Yesterday's nice melt seems rather pointless now.

A bit of tidying and a fresh layer of snow is showing some of my baby shrubberies have indeed been growing. What began as tiny twigs of fothergilla are much bigger twigs of fothergilla. They have even bloomed. One day they will be five feet tall and shrub like.

My poor grasses out by the scenic byway are still having troubles with this unusual Snowvember. They do much better when they get a chance to dry out first.

The holiday traffic was moving slow. The plow has had trouble keeping up. The suggested one to three inches is already four and the time intervals between passes tells me it is snowing over a wide area. Snowgiving must have descended well below the critical 3500 foot level.

It's a good thing I harvested my parsnips yesterday. They are about to join the butternut squash in the oven to get roasted.

Before supper I went for a short walk to check on my deer hunter.

I heard three shots very close by at 7 this morning.

All his tracks had been snowed over by the time I wandered over. My fresh tracks revealed blood in the snow. My deer hunter got his supper for a good part of the winter.

The man is dedicated. At seven this morning there was already three inches of snow and it was snowing hard with a stiff wind. He arrives at four or five in the morning to hide himself, then sits there and waits.

A different day, a different view for Snowgiving.

And when I got back I was informed it was dinner time.

A bit later it was mine. Hopefully the food decorating police won't be offended, but this is dinner for one amply supplied by the roadside vegetable garden now covered in snow; baked in the oven butternut squash (hint) that melts in your mouth, fresh baked parsnips that are like a mildly sweet regular potato and some chicken. No, I will not ever be growing any chickens.

It's still snowing. I'm full. I believe it is time for a nap.

After that it will be time for some sweets and a cup of medicinal tea made from another root crop that grows around here. I am testing it to see if the 2000 years of rumor are really true.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your dinner looks delicious. Don't ever say NEVER.

lh said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Christopher. You had a beautiful meal. I am grateful for being able to read your blog every day.

Lola said...

Your dinner looks marvelous. Had a good one here prepared by D-in-L. Pets got fed by unusual food. Lol.

Lola said...

Oh, I hope your day was a good one. Happy Thanksgiving.

Christopher C. NC said...

It was delicious Lisa. I'm still full. I had the whole squash and three big parsnips.

Happy Thanksgiving Lois. I'm grateful you are still here after all these years.

Glad you had a nice dinner Lola. My kitties got the usual. They supplement on their own. It was a ost pleasant and relaxing day.

Unknown said...

A belated Thanksgiving..... Yesterday I slipped off a log into 2-3 ft of water in a a state park in new phone was in my pocket. Spent hours researching "drying out a cell phone". Yay! I'm using it now!
Love your 3 kitties waiting... Please give their names left to right....I get them mixed up.

Christopher C. NC said...

Careful on those wet logs Dana. The grey and white is Button. Black and white is Collar and the grey, black and white calico is Dinah.