Monday, November 10, 2014

The Last Tree

In my part of the forest with fall leaves stands witness

To the last tree in the forest to bloom before the barren time is completely inescapable.

The grasses may be at peak fluff after the snow bending event. This is less than 50%. I will wait until they are thoroughly freeze dried and have every opportunity to stand before doing any cutting. Every little bit will help me make it through the winter.

The garden's winter interest is still a work in progress. Most of the evergreen trees and shrubberies have proven to be considerably slower growing than the deciduous and herbaceous plants. What's up with that?


Sallysmom said...

What is that tree standing out in the first picture?

Christopher C. NC said...

It is a Tulip Poplar, Liriodendron, though I have never looked close enough to be 100% sure.