Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Watch over Mama Spot Saint Francis until she can safely return. Please make it quick. The spotlets need their mama. It was a lovely sunny day for trip back home.

It was the perfect fall day and the forest is lighting up with magnificent color.

The smaller understory dogwoods and maples along the drive stand out against the still green.

It was a day to join the leaf peepers on the road.

A day to go to the Soiree at Kalamazoo.

A fundraiser for the Madison County Arts Council. More on that part of the day later.


Frances said...

I hope she has returned by now. Dear Spot, we love you, do come home to your family. And St. Francis do your stuff until she does.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hopefully Momma Spot is out on her own tour of the colorful country side.

Anonymous said...

I said before that you are truly a poet. Well, today's writing brought tears to my eyes. Those of us who love our cats know how you feel. I have my fingers crossed that Momma Spot comes home soon.

Pam/Digging said...

Beautiful fall color, Christopher. You're right in the thick of it, lucky you!

And I hope Spot comes home soon.

BTW, I hope you'll contribute a post this week about a National Park you've visited.

Grace Peterson said...

Very nice photos! I've a fondness for felines too and feel your pain. Fingers crossed.

Lola said...

Mama Spot, prayers are that you will be protected in your wanderings. But do make a return post hast as your little ones need their mommy. Your human friend & protector misses you very much. The mind wonders, the eyes look continuously & the heart aches. So be swift in your return Dear Spot.
Fall pics are great. I sure miss that color.

Wondering Woman said...

Oh Spot........ please come home.

Siria said...

I do hope that by now Spot has returned home. It's a big forest out there and I'm sure she is missing home very much! Your fall photos are lovely!