Friday, October 16, 2009

Eleven Point One Degrees

To Snow.

The usual fluctuating diagnosis added snow for tonight then took it back. It doubled the chances for snow tomorrow night and extended the duration. I guess maybe it just might snow.

Are we done with autumn then? There are still a lot of leaves up there in the canopy that have to come down.

The gathering of supplies, like the 17 sheets of rigid insulation in stock, enough to get me started, and the contemplation of how this is going to work around gas and water lines for closing in and mouse proofing beneath the cozy cabin is an ongoing intermittent monsoon slowed work in progress.

The long underwear has been donned. By the time the sun comes out I just may be ready to move full steam ahead on sealing beneath the floor of the cozy cabin. For the first time it actually felt warmer inside the cozy cabin than the outside. I was impressed and thrilled thinking of a long winter doing drywall and tile inside.

Later that same evening, 10, 9 ....... 8 ... 7


Anonymous said...

That sounds like encouraging progress! I predict (hope?) that this spell of bad weather will leave and we'll have an Indian summer (or Indian fall) yet. But I do like the fall color in the rain, which blackens the tree trunks to increase contrast.


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev they are showing sunshine for the beginning of next week. I hope it sticks around for a bit. I think once I get going this project will move along quickly. As always it is the little details that take the most time and contemplation.

Siria said...

Can't wait to see your progress on the cozy cabin! Keep warm in the meantime and I hope your camera is functioning enough to continue your posts of the pretty fall colors.

Lola said...

Glad you got material to work with to help the Cozy Cabin be even warmer & keep out the varmints.
I too hope you will have some more warmer weather to complete this endeavor.
I hope also that you will have some down time to take more lovely pics for us to see.
Have a gorgeous weekend & do stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Christopher~~ I saw on the news that in some locales back east, it is the earliest snowfall on record. It's definitely early. And with those fickle weather prognosticators [they don't have anything better to do] you only really know what the weather is doing while it's doing it. But here's hoping you can get your projects finished before the big chill--the real deal.

Dianna said...

We moved back north to our home town. This will be our 3rd winter back. We moved back in the fall, beautiful fall weather, mild winter.

Last winter was harsh and this fall has been tooooo cold. Not so sure if we are cut out to be northerners again?