Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here Spot

From Outside Clyde

Day number two and Spot is a no show. Any number of things could have happened.

Here Spot. Spottylicious. Spottykins. Here Spot. I do not like this.

Will Spot come back?


Lola said...

Oh No, Christopher. Where could Spot have gone. I do hope Spot is ok. Maybe Spot is just exploring some.
Do keep us informed.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I sure hope she just went for a long walk. This isn't the weather for that though. Or she caught herself a turkey and is sleeping it off.

Jeanine Davis said...

My daughter's cats, brother and sister, disappeared for over a week. And then they came home! So stay positive.

Siria said...

Christopher, I sure hope Spot comes home soon. You must be so worried about her!

Anonymous said...

Gaahh, these wandering cats! My nerves couldn't stand it. Hang in there.


chuck b. said...

Come home Sweet Spot! Your daddy needs you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Come home Spot. Don't play hard to get. We are missing you.

thegardenofwords said...

Oh man, I remember calling my cat home for years and years. I hope Spot comes back!

I've been enjoying your posts on garden rant. You totally get it! WE'RE ALL BROKE!


Christopher C. NC said...

Another day and still no Spot. Here Spottles. Here Spot. Spottykins where are you?