Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well Maybe

Fall color is here after all. The native deciduous azalea has turned.

And when you look other colors are peeping out in the forest.

When was the last time I looked up there? Of course every other day it may be wrapped in fog.

The leaf peepers will be out in force in the next couple of weeks. I will smile and try to look photogenic.

Gardening Gone Wild's Picture This photo contest this month is "Abundant Harvest". Sadly I never did pose my produce during high season. Should I enter this picture, the remnants of an abundant harvest, just to amuse the contestants. I'd enter a pumpkin picture, but there is likely to be abundant pictures of pumpkins. Maybe something else will show up in the next couple of weeks.

More gray paint. I felt like I needed to present a unified front and insulation is boring. I have been doing insulation. About half of the floor beneath now has insulation.

I have just gotten so good at doing incremental pieces of things that need dry during the holes in the monsoon. It is raining again.

The second patch of the Sheffie Mums along the drive were transplanted as small sprigs this spring. They did quite fine though they are not as robust as the main Mum out front. I think the soil here is quite a bit leaner.

Fall is here.

It's just not peaking yet.


Lola said...

Yep, I think it's there. Colors are great. 3rd pic down on right is the brilliant red. Is that a Maple? That mtn sure is looking like Fall.
The Cozy Cabin is looking better each day with her "coat" encircling her further. She sure will be a fine looking lady.
The half window--is that where the storage part will be? The back will be the resting place!!!! Bed between the windows maybe!!!

chuck b. said...

Beautiful colors. Love that mum.

Anonymous said...

Lovin' that paint and that mum. Did you see GGW's new thing is gardening on a slope? You should win that hands down - for the slope, at least! (: Need a little more time to complete the garden part!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love to see hillsides like the one you pictured here when they are turning colors. They remind me of a magnificent cushion mum that is varigated colors. I have tried to paint this many times but have never been able to capture the feel of it.

Frances said...

Oh it is breathtaking, and your shots of everything are so crisp and fall like as well. The azaleas here are turning, and the dogwoods but everything else is still pretty green. Thanks for the aster offer, more cordifolia would be smilingly accepted. Love love love the grey on the cabin. I believe it is darker than my house. The cabin is so handsome, it might be in a few photos from the leaf peepers as well. You wouldn't believe the price for the hotel in Asheville at this time of year, outrageous! :-)

Les said...

I once had a Sheffie, but she was a little too robust for my garden of limited space. She was made a gift to another greatful gardener with more room.

Siria said...

Your pictures are gorgeous as always. I can never get the fall colors to show up well in my photos. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of the cozy cabin!

MA said...

oh, the scenery is so beautiful! Love your view. Cabin is rockin' toward completion.

chuck b. said...

You make a very compelling case for fall.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Ah, the elevation makes quite a difference, yes? We're still in earliest fall, only dogwood and ash have solidly turned, but color is showing on locust, oak, and gingko.

I'm leading a street tree walking tour in two weeks. We should have peak, or near-peak, color for that.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola that bright red is a maple. Yes there is a small storage loft by the half circle window and the upper floor is for sleeping except when the inspector man is visiting. Then it is for storage.

Chuck i would think that Mum would grow for you.

Yes Bev I saw the GGW Design Workshop on slopes. My hill is still on the raw side and I'm not sure I have the will do do a post on it just now.

Lisa maybe you need to come to NC, pull up a chair and an easel and get inspired.

Frances, obviously I am out numbered and the Sheffie Mum is a big hit despite the odd salmon pink color.

Les I may need to acquire more Sheffie Mums in other colors. I have the space for robust. For now anyway.

Siria the natural lighting is critical to get the colors of the leaves to show right. I'm starting to like the cabin colors again after staring at it so much. It has the right combination of blending in and standing out from the forest surroundings.

HI MA. Yes the cabin is finally feeling more complete. Yippee!

Chuck I work with what I got.

Hi Xris. Between elevation and distance from any large bodies of water I am zone deprived for my southern location.